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International food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food)

  •  Date of food and beverage exhibition Basra: between 30 Jan to 2 feb 2025
  • Venue: Basra expo centre
  •  Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00

is a good opportunity to present your business and present your company’s products and services in Basra, Iraq. Due to the opportunity of direct communication between the supplier and the buyer in trade exhibitions and the big market of Iraq and the proper business, relationship between the two countries, never miss the opportunity to attend Basra exhibitions if you are interested in international marketing and sales.

The International food and beverage exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food) can be called as the largest gathering of food and beverage industry groups in Iraq and participants from different countries such as Persian Gulf countries, Asian countries, Saudi Arabia and many Other countries will be present in this exhibition. The purpose of holding this exhibition is to present scientific updates in the field of industries and food, which leads to the improvement of the knowledge of the participants in this exhibition.

The International food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food) is one of the biggest and most valuable events of Iraq’s food industry. Iraq food is the largest and most leading food and beverage industry event and continuous professional development for participants and is a suitable place to receive the latest insights, new methods and extensive food industry programs with The highest possible standards in the field of professional work are recognized. The exhibition allows visitors to choose from a wide range of services and products of the food and beverage industry.

The Exhibition Makers company Group is one of the world’s leading trade fair, congress and event, stand construction Organizers who is trying to be a strong communication bridge between suppliers and buyers.

Why should you reserve a booth at The international food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food)?

Due to the international nature of the Iraqi market, this exhibition will be one of the most visited exhibitions in the region, and you can benefit from this valuable opportunity to reach global markets. The Iraqi Ministry of Health works closely with food manufacturers to promote the development and production of healthy food and prevent high levels of contagious obesity. This cooperation has led to the direction of innovation in the production of food products, and food manufacturers are looking for new raw materials with nutritional value. If you are interested, the Iraqi market is a very good market for domestic and foreign producers to offer products, and Basra is always having economic transactions in terms of geography, and many businessmen visit and sign contracts due to the high quality level of Basra’s exhibitions and the meetings refer to The international food and beverage exhibition Basrah Iraq (Iraq food).

The reasons for the importance of registration in the The international food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food) can be summarized as follows:

  • Show the company’s products and achievements as best as possible and increase awareness of your brand
  • Having a place to provide catering supplies and promotional gifts, catalogs, etc
  • Using the company’s name and logo in different aspects of the booth for advertising purposes
  • Easier attraction of target audiences in the vast market of industries in Iraq and the world
  • And finally, be seen better and stay in the minds of visitors.

Why should you visit The international food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food)?

The food and beverage industry in the Middle East is affected by global trends such as changing consumption patterns and urbanization growth, especially due to the high average population growth, high youth population, immigrant population in the Arab Cooperative Council The Persian Gulf’s rising per capita income and high consumer spending will have a high capacity for growth in food products. With a growing population, rising consumer spending and significant public sector investment, the Middle East’s growing food and beverage industry is like a gold mine ready to be discovered. By participating in The international food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food), do not miss the opportunity to benefit from this profitable market and expand your business and scope of activity internationally. It should be mentioned that Basra is known as one of the oil-rich and coastal cities of Iraq, and for this reason, there are exceptional opportunities in the food and beverage market of this city for activists in this field.

Business tips for participating in The international food and beverage exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food):

1. The fastest and most cost-effective way to identify resources and expand business in this thriving market

More than 200 local, regional and international exhibitors will be present in this exhibition. You will be able to meet some of the most prominent suppliers of raw materials in the food industry, talk to experts, gather information and expand your network. All of these benefits are provided in just three days, saving you months of research, sales meetings, and travel expenses.

2. Guaranteed to create a communication network with more than 1000 participants

Iraq food is a suitable business place for foreign exporters of food technology and food manufacturers who are looking to upgrade their production facilities. Also, food manufacturers who want to expand their business abroad should not miss the opportunity to attend this exhibition.

3. Gaining an up-to-date and fresh perspective

Identify the most important issues related to the industry, develop joint strategies for food industry raw materials and food regulations, and increase your knowledge with ideal opportunities by participating in The international food and beverage exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food).

The group of products and exhibitors at the international food exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food):

This event has exhibitors consisting of manufacturers, sellers and producers of food and beverages not only from Iraqi markets, but also from all over the food markets of the world, the countries of the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, etc. It includes Specialists in contract services, sellers of natural raw materials, tonic products, health supplements, diet products, organic food products, packaging products and processing equipment and other products related to The international food and beverage exhibition Basra Iraq (Iraq food) will be present.
Flour and grain products: including wheat, barley, corn flour products and related products such as bread, ready baked goods
Meat products and meat products: including red meat, chicken meat, meat products such as sausages and sausages
Dairy products and dairy products: including dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk
Food and beverage products: including juice drinks, soft drinks, mineral waters
Fresh produce and vegetables: All kinds of vegetables, fruits and fresh produce and related products
Nut products and snacks: including nuts, nuts and dried fruits
Canned products and prepared foods: Canned products such as fruits, chicken, fish and prepared foods
Snacks and desserts products: including pancake products, waffles, desserts and various snacks
Packaging products and food equipment: packaging equipment, machinery and tools related to the food industry
Organic and healthy products: Organic products, without added fat and healthy products

Who visits the international food and beverage exhibition Basrah Iraq (Iraq food)?

Researchers and food technology specialists
Makers and manufacturers
Food and beverage retailers
Dealers and distributors
Safety and quality specialists
Quality consultants and inspectors
Purchasing agents and supervisors
Managing directors and senior managers of food and beverage manufacturing companies
Government and trade associations
Educational institutions and universities

The importance of booth construction in Iraq food by exhibition makers?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at Basrah food exhibition your products can be better exhibited. Success in this Exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods. In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition toursand consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, coordinating B2B meetings, currency transfer, organizing the conferences and seminars always accompany you to achieve your commercial goals.

  • A long history in knowing the target market and monitoring the needs of the audience to better understand the field of participation in the exhibition
  • stand design and construction according to the latest global marketing methods
  • Implementation of many exhibition structures
  • Providing advice for success in exhibitions and attracting customers
  • Appropriate tariff compared to other operators in this field and guaranteeing the quality of work
  • Providing an exhibition tour to visit with a translator and leader
  • Reserve VIP and CIP places to receive guests and visitors and grant representation and contract with them and arrange b2b cooperation opportunities and exhibition appointments.
  • High percentage satisfaction of customers and users in various exhibition areas

To reserve a booth at the Basra International Food and Beverage Exhibition (Iraq food) and get additional information, contact the experts of the exhibition organizers through the contact us page.

Supporters, sponsors and founders of the exhibition

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Address : HQ8M+73G, Basrah, Basra Governorate, Iraq