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Our company has embarked  on  working; in exhibition industry sector in Iran since 2004 later it has made out to get the  demanded license from Islamic Republic of Iran’s government in 2009.according to our divisions historical records it’s been considered as one of the very first companies that gives services in it’s domain in exhibition field.by considering this period and gaining so many experiences in this field and through using our best and expert men, we could give the best services in this sector.

 our activity field:

  1.  holding exhibitions,conferences, seminars in Iran and foreign countries.
  2.  co-operating with Foreign exhibition holders for holding exhibitions, conferences and seminars in Iran.
  3.  obserbing foreign divisions for registration and taking part in Iran’s exhibitions.
  4.  registration of internal divisions For foreign countries and exhibitions with elimination of Iran’s exporting evaluation.
  5. ( consultation for participating in Iran’s exhibition (which exhibition could be more beneficial.
  6. Settling special tours for visitors from Iran’s exhibition designing and making exhibition Booth both inside and outside the Iran.
  7.  partitioning exhibition by using elements like maxima and octanorm.



مدیر عامل



مدیر انفورماتیک و سایت



مدیر بازرگانی و فروش خارجی

مسئول بخش تور نمایشگاهی



مدیر بخش غرفه سازی



مسئول روابط عمومی

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