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New Delhi International Exhibition of Electrical Building Technology

New Delhi International Exhibition of Electrical Building Technology will be hold in New Delhi international exhibition between 11 to 13 Oct 2018.

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New Delhi International Exhibition of Electrical Building Technology will be hold in New Delhi international exhibition between 11 to 13 Oct 2018.

Electrical Building Technology India is India’s premiere trade show dedicated to electrical engineering and building automation technology. With growing national concern about climate change, rapid indutrialisation and growing population, there is an immense need for implementing energy efficiency and sustainable solutions all across.

This show will bring to you a complete gamut of intelligent building automation systems all under one roof. It is sure to provide you a platform to experience the comfort and energy efficiency in residential as well as non-residential buildings through automation and security systems. Electrical building technology India (EBTI) will showcase a wide range of smart, non-complex and cost effective energy management systems which will impact and influence your overall living and business efficiency.

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Product Groups of Electrical Building Technology India 2018:

Building automation systems and products

  • Building automation for specific applications
  • Centralised / decentralised management system
  • Electricity distribution
  • Energy metering and accounting
  • Fire alarms
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Sun shading
  • System components of data communication

Smart home and community management systems

  • Automated entrance gates and doors
  • Automated parking systems
  • House and telecommunications
  • House internal / external service and observation equipment
  • Lighting and sun shades
  • Security
  • Television, hi-fi and video equipment
  • Measuring and test devices, measuring technology

Building efficiency and energy management systems and products:

Light control systems

  • Command and control switch
  • Control contactors and relays
  • Monitoring relays
  • Performance switch, motor protection switch
  • Sensors
  • Storage programmable controls

Generic cabling and data centre systems and products

  • Cable and leads
  • Cable installations
  • Cable processing
  • Cable routing systems
  • Distribution and joining material
  • Intelligent sun shading systems and products
  • Systems integration
  • Video surveillance, access control and home security systems
  • Access control equipment / biometrics
  • Electroacoustic systems
  • Personal paging systems
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Video systems
  • Warning and alarm systems
  • Hotel intelligent systems and products
  • Light control, light management, light measurement
  • Technical lights for special applications
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Electrical engineering:

Electrical accessories and materials

  • Technical lighting and accessories
  • Accessories for technical lighting
  • Exterior lighting / Street lights technical internal lights for industry and business
  • Technical internal lights for Office / Administration
  • Power supply and distribution systems, energy management systems
  • Bus technology for homes and buildings (cable or wireless)
  • Distribution systems
  • Earthing, voltage compensation, lightning protection, excess voltage protection
  • Electricity supply / distribution equipment and electrical products
  • Electric drive systems
  • Power supply, instruments, gauges and tools
  • Electrical energy-efficiency modification equipment
  • E-mobility – Charging infrastructure
  • House communication
  • Control equipment, meter & monitoring and dimmer switches
  • Industrial plug / socket equipment
  • Installation switch and plugs and sockets
  • Miscellaneous switching gear
  • Sockets and switches
  • Lamp holders
  • Operating gear
  • Lightning protection systems and equipment

Visitor profile of Electrical Building Technology New Delhi 2018:

  • Architect
  • Building and construction industry, contracting companies
  • Building authority
  • Building technology service provider
  • Design studios
  • Government procurement department
  • Government, public utilities representatives
  • Hotel industry
  • Importer / exporter
  • Industry association
  • Interior designer
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Other service provider, consulting companies
  • Planner / engineer
  • Property developers
  • Public authorities
  • Real estate management companies
  • Retailer
  • Skilled trade (electricians, installers, etc.)
  • System integrator
  • Wholesaler / distributor
  • Other visitor target groups

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