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Beijing International Exhibition of Medical Devices

The Beijing International Exhibition of Medical Devices will be hold in Beijing international exhibition between 27 to 29 Sep 2018.

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The Beijing International Exhibition of Medical Devices will be hold in Beijing international exhibition between 27 to 29 Sep 2018.

Beijing Medical Devices Exhibition (CMEH) is one of the largest exhibitions of this sector in China. Beijing Medical Devices Exhibition comprehensively covers products including medical electronics, medical imaging instrument, optics, first aid, rehabilitation nursing, medical supplies and hygienic material, testing instrument and diagnostic reagent as well as medical information technology, and directly and comprehensively serves the whole medical industrial chain of medical device industry.

In each event, more than 500 medical device manufacturers from over 20 countries and 30,000 person-times governmental purchasing agencies, hospital buyers and distributors, as well as agents from over 20 countries and regions gather in CMEH for transaction and communication.

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Why Participate in Beijing Medical Devices Exhibition 2018?

Suppliers can:

  • Through CMEH Exhibition, know and contact high-quality buyers at low cost and become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;
  • Through CMEH Exhibition, have face-to-face communication with buyers and directly know the needs, strategies and purchasing trends of buyers;
  • Through CMEH Exhibition, convey your own contact details and corporate culture to buyers at the exhibition, which is a marketing opportunity at the lowest cost.

Suppliers can also:

  • Make transactions on the spot: Though the show time is limited, thanks to face-to-face talks with buyers, it is easy to reach agreement or intention;
  • Publicize your company and products: Exhibition is a kind of 3-dimention advertisement and can enhance buyers’ understanding so as to make products and services easy to accept.
  • Establish corporate image: Establish a fine corporate image in the same industry and among customers, and uplift your status in the industry;
  • Deepen market understanding: Know more about market demand and potential amid exchanges with buyers. It is more direct and accurate than routine market survey;
  • Open up market and establish marketing channels: open up market and seek customers through exhibition, look for and select agents or joint venture partners;
  • Widen international horizons: Build up an effective platform for international cooperation so as to let your company and products enter into international market more properly;
  • Supply-demand interaction: Your old customers or suppliers will get together at the exhibition, so it is convenient for you to carry out interactions and thank-you activities;
  • Learn about development experience: By comparing with other suppliers, learn about others’ experience in enterprise development;
  • Boundless business opportunities: Focusing on Beijing, buyers at home and abroad will gather here, international strength will be fully demonstrated.
  • Gathering of technologies: A grand gathering of the latest products and technologies at home and abroad; Exhibition-Forum-Economic Cooperation is an efficient platform for publicity and market promotion;
  • Display the state-of-art products and technologies and establish and consolidate the corporate image;
  • Obtain most valued market feedback information from the technical and purchasing representatives of various application industries;
  • Provide exhibitors with a opportunity to demonstrate the products and investigate the market, and offer a platform of knowledge for the buyer;
  • Seize the opportunity to contact with the research institution, organized groups and government officers from all various industries;
  • Benefit from a serious of top-level conferences and seminars; and provide opportunity to cooperate and communicate with specialized visitors and purchasers;
  • Attract more attention during the exhibition period via close cooperation with the organizer and media;
  • Seek cooperation with agencies, distributors, system integration and solution providers from China and the Asian-Pacific region;

Exhibits Profile of CMEH Beijing 2018:

  • Medical devices: Various new-type medical instruments and auxiliary medical devices and equipment, heart monitoring equipment, medical photographic equipment, biochemical lab equipment and household medical devices such as blood-pressure meters, thermometers etc.;
  • Diagnosis and therapy equipments: X-ray diagnosis and inspection equipment, ultrasonic diagnosis equipment, nuclear medical equipment, endoscope system, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology therapy instruments, dynamic analytic instruments, crymotherapy equipment, dialysis therapy equipment, first-aid devices etc.;
  • Ward care equipments and devices: Various patient beds, cabinets, operation chairs and beds, etc.
  • Auxiliary equipment: sterilization series products, oxygen-making and oxygen-supply equipment, blood bank facility, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation apparatus, special apparatus for the disabled etc.;
  • Oral medical devices: Dental diagnosis and therapy equipment, dental operation apparatus, dental technician equipment;
  • Hospital remote medical system, hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system;
  • Medical dressing: Medical bandage, gauze, face mask, Medical adhesive plaster, band-aid, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgery protective film, breathable medical tape, adhesive, dressing plaster, disposable syringes and infusion apparatus;
  • Medical MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) equipment;
  • Medical equipment and devices for operation room, emergency room and diagnostic therapeutic room;
  • Medical software and information processing system, medical media and related services.

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