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Berlin exhibition calendar

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Berlin exhibition calendar 2018

Berlin exhibition calendar

Berlin Exhibition Calender 2018-2019

Exhibition NameCyclecityNext Date
BERLIN PREMIUM-International Fashion Trade Show. PREMIUM BERLIN is the only trade show in the world to bring together premium brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at this scale and level of qualitytwice a yearBerlin> The Station Berlin16.01 - 18.01 2018
PANORAMA BERLIN-Panorama Berlin presents a contemporary and relevant selection of women’s and men’s collections, shoes, accessories and lifestyle articles by market leading brandstwice a yearBerlin> Berlin ExpoCenter City16.01 - 18.01 2018
SEEK-Contemporary Fashion Trade Show. SEEK is a meeting point for both Buyers and Brands from the fields of elevated sportswear, new classics, Authentic designer collections and upper streetweartwice a yearBerlin> arena Berlin16.01 - 18.01 2018
INTERNATIONAL GREEN WEEK BERLIN-Exhibition for the Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticultureonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin19.01 - 28.01 2018
PLAYTIME BERLIN-International trade show dedicated to the children’s universe and maternity weartwice a yearBerlin> Palazzo Italia23.01 - 24.01 2018
HIPPOLOGICA BERLIN-Horse & Equestrian Sports FairunknownBerlin> Messegelände Berlin25.01 - 28.01 2018
GARTENTRÄUME BERLIN-Gardening Faironce a yearBerlin> The Station Berlin02.02 - 04.02 2018
WORLD MONEY FAIR-World’s Largest Coin FairunknownBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center02.02 - 04.02 2018
FRUIT LOGISTICA-International Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketingonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin07.02 - 09.02 2018
BAUTEC-International Building Trade Fairevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin20.02 - 23.02 2018
ASIA APPAREL EXPO-Apparel sourcing event for Europe (direct from Asia). ASIA APPAREL EXPO attracts Brand Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Wholesalers, Multiple Retailers, Chain Stores, Department Stores, Agents, Designers, Private LabelsBuying Officesonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin22.02 - 24.02 2018
VDA TECHNICAL CONGRESS-Automotive Technical Congress. VDA TECHNICAL CONGRESS is dedicated to Environment, Energy and Electric Mobility, Vehicle Safety and Vehicle Electronicsevery 2 yearsBerlin> Maritim hotel, Berlin27.02 - 28.02 2018
ITB-International Tourism Exchangeonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin07.03 - 11.03 2018
ENERGY HARVESTING AND STORAGE EUROPE-Europe's largest event on Energy Harvesting & Storage and their applicationonce a yearBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center11.04 - 12.04 2018
GRAPHENE & 2D MATERIALS EUROPE-International conference and exhibition covering the application and latest technology developments of Grapheneonce a yearBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center11.04 - 12.04 2018
PRINTED ELECTRONICS AND PHOTOVOLTAICS EUROPE-Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics Congress & Expo - with Masterclasses & Company Toursonce a yearBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center11.04 - 12.04 2018
ID INFOTAGE DENTAL BERLIN-Dental Equipment ExhibitionunknownBerlin> Messegelände Berlin14.04 - 14.04 2018
VELOBERLIN-The new leading public exhibition for bicycles and urban mobilityonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin14.04 - 15.04 2018
ILA-International Aerospace Exhibitionevery 2 yearsBerlin> Berlin ExpoCenter Airport25.04 - 29.04 2018
ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GERMAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION-Annual meeting of the German Diabete. Associationonce a yearBerlin> CityCube Berlin09.05 - 12.05 2018
ENERGY STORAGE WORLD FORUM-International Forum on Energy Storage. Energy Storage World Forum consistes of tww training courses and five conference days emphasizing on new energy storage technologiesonce a yearBerlin> Steigenberger Hotel Berlin14.05 - 18.05 2018
EUROPEAN SIGN EXPO-European Sign Expo is Europe’s largest annual exhibition dedicated to the signage and visual communications industryunknownBerlin> Messegelände Berlin15.05 - 18.05 2018
FESPA-Wide format print exhibition. FESPA is the event for the wide format print industry; providing an international platform to demonstrate & see the latest equipment & consumables in digital printing, screen printing, industrial and garment decorationevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin15.05 - 18.05 2018
MITEINANDER LEBEN BERLIN-Trade Fair for Disables & Elderly Careevery 2 yearsBerlin> The Station Berlin24.05 - 26.05 2018
HI DESIGN EUROPE-Hotel Interior Design - The Decision Makers' Forumonce a yearBerlin> Andel's Hotel Berlin06.06 - 08.06 2018
SMAU BERLINO-International Exhibition of Information & Communications TechnologyunknownBerlin13.06 - 14.06 2018
CWIEME BERLIN-International Coil Winding, Insulations & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition & Conferenceonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin20.06 - 22.06 2018
YOU BERLIN-Youth Trade Fair for "Outfit/Sport/Lifestyle"once a yearBerlin> Messegelände BerlinJuly 2018 (?)
ISARC-International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and Miningonce a yearBerlin20.07 - 25.07 2018
INTERNATIONALES BERLINER BIERFESTIVAL-International Berlin Beer Festivalonce a yearBerlin03.08 - 05.08 2018
IFA BERLIN-The world’s leading trade show for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliancesonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin31.08 - 05.09 2018
BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN-Tradeshow for Selected Brands. At the crossroads of Fashion, Music, Art and Design, as well as Visual and Performing Artsonce a yearBerlin> arena BerlinSept. 2018 (?)
SPIE REMOTE SENSING-International Exhibition dedicated to Remote sensing. SPIE Remote Sensing is a meeting that offers comprehensive coverage of remote sensing including next-generation satellites, SAR image analysis, LIDAR technologies and moreonce a yearBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center10.09 - 13.09 2018
SPIE SECURITY + DEFENCE-International Conference & Exhibition for Security & Defense. SPIE Security + Defence is the event that bridges the divide between fundamental optical science and the application of the underpinning technologies in advanced security and defence systemsonce a yearBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center10.09 - 13.09 2018
INNOTRANS-International Exhibition for Transportation Engineering. Innovative Systems - Vehicles - Componentsevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin18.09 - 21.09 2018
EASD ANNUAL MEETING-EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) Annual Meetingonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin01.10 - 05.10 2018
BCB - BAR CONVENT BERLIN-International Bar & Beverage Trade Showonce a yearBerlin> The Station Berlin06.10 - 10.10 2018
WORLD PUBLISHING EXPO - IFRA EXPO & CONFERENCE-The leading exhibition for technology to publish news on tablets, mobile, in print and onlineonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin09.10 - 11.10 2018
VENUS BERLIN-Erotic Show and Exhibitiononce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin11.10 - 14.10 2018
NUMISMATA BERLIN-International Coin Exchangeonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin20.10 - 21.10 2018
BROADBAND WORLD FORUM-Broadband Communication International Forumonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin23.10 - 25.10 2018
BOOT & FUN BERLIN-International Boat Showonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände BerlinNov. 2018 (?)
COSMETICA BERLIN-Trade Fair for Cosmeticsonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände BerlinNov. 2018 (?)
EXPOLINGUA BERLIN-International Fair for Languages and Cultures. Expolingua Berlin is an opportunity to reach out directly to over 13, 000 visitors with a passion for languages & culture & talk to them in person about your language-related programmes, products or servicesonce a yearBerlin> Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und KulturNov. 2018 (?)
MINERALIS - BERLIN-International Show for Minerals, Fossils, Precious Stones and Jewelryonce a yearBerlin> Messegelände BerlinNov. 2018 (?)
BELEKTRO-Specialist Electrical Engineering Fairevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin06.11 - 08.11 2018
ARCHITECT @ WORK - BERLIN-Exhibition for Architecture & Interior Design. ARCHITECT@WORK gives you the opportunity to get into contact with: architects, interior architects, designers, engineering bureaus, project developers, technical services, towns & district councilsevery 2 yearsBerlin> The Station Berlin07.11 - 08.11 2018
BAZAAR BERLIN-Shopping World with Special Shops "Christmas", "Country Style"once a yearBerlin> Messegelände Berlin07.11 - 11.11 2018
BABYWELT BERLIN-The BABYWELT Expo gathers international and national players, regional dealers and individual providers from all sectors around the topics of pregnancy, baby and childonce a yearBerlin> arena Berlin09.11 - 11.11 2018
ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN-The world's largest international conference for technology-supported learning and trainingonce a yearBerlin> Hotel Intercontinental BerlinDec. 2018 (?)
WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL-International Water Industry Exhibitionevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin26.03 - 28.03 2019
VEGGIEWORLD BERLIN-Consumer show dedicated to vegan lifestyle in BerlinunknownBerlin> The Station Berlin30.03 - 31.03 2019
CMS CLEANING. MANAGEMENT. SERVICES-Cleaning & Management et Services International Trade Fair and Congressevery 2 yearsBerlin> Messegelände Berlin24.09 - 27.09 2019
RAILWAY FORUM BERLIN-Supply Chain Conference of the Railway Industryevery 2 yearsBerlin> Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center01.10 - 02.10 2019
Berlin Exhibition Calender 2018-2019


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