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Hanover International Exhibition of EuroTier

The Hanover International Exhibition of EuroTier will be hold in Munich international exhibition between 13 to 16 Nov 2018.

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The Hanover International Exhibition of EuroTier will be hold in Munich international exhibition between 13 to 16 Nov 2018.

EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. This is where innovations are presented, trends set and visions discussed. EuroTier present a wide range associated with cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep-and aquaculture as well as the latest developments in the field of technology, innovations for livestock or issues management and services. It will also include a wide range of technology for the generation and use of bioenergy.

EuroTier is one of the world’s most comprehensive information exhibitions for professional animal husbandry and the world’s leading trade fair for livestock professionals, which takes place every two years in Hanover. EuroTie is with its large range of information on all detailed questions of modern animal husbandry an essential source of information for farmers.

Numerous exhibitors show a wide range of the latest products and technologies around the topic of professional animal husbandry as breeding animals, breeding programs, milking technology, livestock housing, feeding, climate and environmental technology.

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Exhibition groups of Energy Decentral:

Algae and Microcrops, Biogas – production and use, Solid Biofuels – production and use, Liquid biofuels – production and use, Renewable energy, Decentralized power engineering, Ventilation, waste air and exhaust gas cleaning, Recycling and waste disposal systems, Safety systems, Energy distribution an storage, Measuring, instrumentation and control, Energy supply companies, Trade in energy materials, Services.

EuroTier 2014 in Hanover was again a rousing success. More than 156,000 visitors, 30,000 international visitors among them, markedly exceeded expectations. 2,360 exhibitors from 49 countries offered a full range of products for animal husbandry and breeding.

2,360 exhibitors from 49 countries presented a comprehensive range of products and services to the animal husbandry sector. Nearly half the exhibitors were from countries other than Germany, underlining EuroTier’s international credentials.

EuroTier is an engine of innovation and a marketplace of ideas for the agriculture sector. Manufacturers use it to showcase their innovations for productive livestock management in the 21st century. The solutions that were presented – in particular in the fields of process engineering, farm inputs, management and software, animal housing installations and animal housing and shed construction – are giving pig, poultry and cattle farmers a wide range of new opportunities for making essential improvements in efficiency.

  • The annual conference of the Association of Veterinary Practitioners (bpt), held at the same time as EuroTier, offered an ideal forum for discussing all aspects of animal health.

A unique feature of EuroTier is the breadth of information around animal feed and animal health. EuroTier is the only place where suppliers from these segments are brought together with customers from all areas of the animal husbandry industry.

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