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Industrial Automation & Machinery Exhibition Tehran Iran Shahr-e Aftab international exhibition

Industrial Automation & Machinery Exhibition Tehran Iran will be held from 23th to 26th Aug 2024 in Tehran Iran Shahr-e Aftab fair Center

Industrial Automation & Machinery Exhibition Tehran Iran Shahr-e Aftab exhibition center from 23 to 26 august 2024, In line with the return of investment for visitors and buyers at the Industrial Automation Exhibition, has invited a number of buyers for Asian applied industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, shipbuilding and new energies. According to the findings, last year, 53 billion dollars of exports of industrial products were reported in the country, which indicates the mobility of this sector. Also, the number of knowledge-based companies in this field and active workers in the industrial sector and the production of industrial machinery has increased significantly.

The size of the machinery and equipment market in Iran is estimated at 17 billion 500 million Tomans, of which, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Security, the equivalent of 8 billion dollars is produced inside the country, and 9 billion 500 million Tomans is provided through imports. The average annual export of machinery and equipment is 865 million dollars in these statistics. All of these things together show great opportunities for investment in the industrial sector and the production of industrial tools and machinery.

This event will be held with the aim of creating an opportunity to exchange information and obtain customer opinions, maintain market position and identify product supply and distribution chains. The International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machinery exhibition is one of the largest specialized exhibitions in the field of industrial machinery in the region, which is held every year with the large presence of prominent domestic and foreign companies, and is a good opportunity to establish communication, introduce products, negotiate and contract. The contract provides advertising, research, identifying consumers and competitors and finally preparing the market and society to accept the product or service of the participants.

This important event will be opened on the mentioned date with the presence of high-ranking military and countrymen at the permanent location of Tehran’s Shar-e Aftab Exhibition center. In this exhibition, more than 300 brands from 150 companies will present their latest products and achievements in the field of industrial and workshop tools, tool production line equipment, laboratory machinery and equipment, welding and cutting, and the complete supply chain for the needs of small and large factories, in an atmosphere The area of 30,000 square meters has been displayed. Representatives of trading companies located in Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and many Asian and European countries are present and have presented their products.

Why should you participate in the international exhibition of industrial automation and machinery Tehran Iran?

The establishment of the International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machinery Iran Tehran at Shahr-e Aftab Exhibition Center is a very good opportunity for the managers of this field to have a close meeting with the manufacturers of industrial machinery and is an effective step to advance work goals and expand domestic and international cooperation. took away This industrial exhibition is the most important gathering of industrial machinery products and services, which brings together all the components of the industrial machinery field, and with the support of experts in this sector, it has been able to increase the number of visitors every year.

Among the reasons for the importance of your attendance at the International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machinery Iran Tehran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Show the company’s products and achievements as best as possible and increase awareness of your brand
  • Having a place to provide catering supplies and promotional gifts, catalogs, etc
  • Using the company’s name and logo in different aspects of the booth for advertising purposes
  • Easier attraction of the target audience in the vast market of industries in Iran and the world and converting the audience into a customer and current customer into a permanent customer
  • And finally, be seen better and stay in the minds of visitors.

Exhibitors and product groups at Industrial Automation & Machinery Exhibition Tehran Iran

  • Manufacturers and importers of CNC machines and industrial automation equipment
  • measurement devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial robots
  • Equipping and setting up production lines
  • Manufacturers and distributors of cutting and turning tools as well as all contractor companies and technical engineering service providers
  • Research and research centers
  • Educational scientific centers
  • Journals and specialized publications

The importance of booth construction in the International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machinery by exhibition makers?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at the International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machinery Iran Tehran Shahr-e Aftab exhibition center your products can be better exhibited. Success in this Exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods.

In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours in the International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Machineryand consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, coordinating B2B meetings, currency transfer, organizing the conferences and seminars always accompany you to achieve your commercial goals.

  • A long history in knowing the target market and monitoring the needs of the audience to better understand the field of participation in the exhibition
  • Design and construction of the booth according to the latest global marketing methods
  • Implementation of many exhibition structures
  • Providing advice for success in exhibitions and attracting customers
  • Appropriate tariff compared to other operators in this field and guaranteeing the quality of work
  • Providing an exhibition tour to visit with a translator and leader
  • Reserve VIP and CIP places to receive guests and visitors and grant representation and contract with them and arrange b2b cooperation opportunities and exhibition appointments.
  • High percentage satisfaction of customers and users in various exhibition areas
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