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Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment ( ITES ) Exhibition Shenzhen China Shenzhen World Exhibition Center

  The Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition Shenzhen China will be hold in Shenzhen World Exhibition Center 28 to 31 Mar 2024

After nearly 20 years of development, Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment ( ITES ) Exhibition Shenzhen has become the largest exhibition in the field of manufacturing equipment in southern China, with the highest technical content, the widest range of categories and the best demonstration effect. By focusing on according to different industry overall solution of personalized, digital, intelligent, full of intelligent equipment, automation applications, flexible production, system integration and other machinery manufacturing and the latest technology in the field of metal processing, machinery exhibition in Shenzhen is now in south China automotive, communications, consumer electronics, home appliances, mold, office equipment, medical equipment, new energy, glasses, jewelry, and other industries to understand the cutting edge manufacturing technology platform of choice.

The Exhibition Makers company Group is one of the world’s leading trade fair, congress and event, stand construction Organizers who is trying to be a strong communication bridge between suppliers and buyers.

Theme of the Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition Shenzhen

Metal Cutting Machine Tool Show

  • Five axis·gantry machine tool
  • Precision CNC machine tools, electric processing machine tools
  • CNC machine tools, testing equipment
  • Core Functional Components
  • Cutting Tool

Metal Forming Machine Tool Show

  • Sheet metal processing and automation equipment
  • Stamping and automation equipment
  • Welding equipment and technology
  • Laser processing equipment and application

Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition

  • Robots and automation equipment
  • Motion Control Automation Technology
  • Power Transmission Automation Technology
  • Intelligent logistics and packaging automation
  • Machine Vision System and Solution

Industrial Parts Show

  • industrial parts
  • Mold and mold accessories
  • industrial materials
  • fastener
  • additive manufacturing

Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

  • Electronic components exhibition area
  • Circuit board & module fast (foundry) exhibition area
  • Electronic product solution exhibition area
  • Electronic assembly production equipment exhibition area


The importance of booth construction in ITES Exhibition Shenzhen ?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at the Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition Shenzhen , your products can be better exhibited. Success in Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition Shenzhen , in addition to participating in the exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods.

In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth constructionexhibition registrationexhibition tours and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, B2B coordination meetings, currency transfer, the need to hold conferences and seminars It is always more responsive than you expect.

Location of booth and successful presence in the exhibition:

To display the quality products and achievements of the company in the booth exhibition

presence of vip and cip places in the booth to receive guests and clients and grant representation and contract with them

Having a place to prepare catering supplies and promotional gifts and catalogs, etc.

Using the name and logo of the company in different directions of the booth for purposes such as advertising, etc. in the matter of booth construction

To be better seen and to stay in the minds of the client.

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  • Shenzhen World Exhibition Center

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