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Nuts, Dried Fruits, Medicinal plants, Saffron & Related Industries Exhibition of Iran Tehran

Date: 22 to 25 Jan 2025

Venue: Tehran int’l permanent fairground

Opening hours: 08:00 to 15:00

At present, more than $2 billion worth of nuts have been exported from Iran to various countries, which shows the importance of attracting international investment in this field. Therefore, this international exhibition can show the potential of our country in the field of production of nuts at the global level and create new business opportunities. Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran Tehran can be the focus of many foreign consumers and increase exports in this area and also affect the national economy.

Iranian dried fruits are exported to more than 50 countries, some of which are Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, USA. Persian Gulf countries, including Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Asian countries China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia and so on. Iran’s dried fruit industry due to having goods such as pistachios (2nd place in the world), dates (2nd place in the world), almonds (4th place in the world), walnuts (3rd place in the world), raisins (4th place in the world).

Why should you participate in Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran Tehran?

Since Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran is one of the most important exhibitions in the dried fruit industry, you can introduce your products to buyers and experts and promote your business by participating in this exhibition. expand Attract new investors in line with your business goals and expand your connections.

Iran is one of the most important countries in the region for several reasons:

Resources, labor force, one of the countries with the largest number of neighbors in the world, the connecting road between Asia and Europe, petrochemical, oil and gas industries, commercial ports, land communication with the countries of Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Turkmenistan and sea communication with countries such as: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Therefore, many visitors from these countries come to the exhibition.

Why should you visit this event?

Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran Tehran is an opportunity for you to find new products by visiting the exhibition, find the source of all the varieties of the dried fruit industry, products and related industries from around the world, with experts in this industry. Communicate and share best experiences. The international exhibition of dry fruits, medicinal plants, saffron and related industries in Tehran, Iran attracts a combination of key buyers and high-end companies from different cities of Iran as well as international regions.

Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran Tehran Objectives

  • Introducing the creativity, potential and actual capacities of the country in the field of production, trade and services related to dry goods industry.
  • Paying attention to the category of packaging and increasing the quality level of manufactured products.
  • Acquaintance of the workers with the products, innovations and developments of the dried fruit industry and trying to reach the relevant global standards.
  • Creating or promoting the approach of exporting products to other countries, especially the markets of neighboring countries and target markets.
  • Providing the necessary platforms for the presence of all dry goods groups and branding this issue as a national and global symbol.

Nuts, Dried Fruits and Saffron exhibition Iran Tehran Products

  • Manufacturers and distributors of nuts and dried fruits
  • Companies, factories and workshops for packing nuts
  • Peeling and baking units and workshops
  • Nut pasteurization companies
  • Grading units and slicing and pulverizing nuts
  • Companies, factories and workshops for processing dried fruits and vegetables
  • Barberry and jujube, saffron, tea and coffee, spices and condiments
  • Production and export units of cereals, grains, rice, corn and wheat

The importance of booth construction in The Dried Fruits & Medicinal plants Exhibition Tehran

By booth construction at Nuts, Dried Fruits, Medicinal plants, Saffron & Related Industries Exhibition Tehran Iran, you can display your products and services in such a way that, in the first step, the visitors will get to know your services and advantages in comparison with the competitors, and in the next step, to get to know More to visit your booth.

Modern and advanced booth construction according to your needs can play a significant role in attracting visitors and showing your capabilities; Therefore, be aware in choosing the company. In this regard, the exhibitionmakers company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours, holding exhibitions and providing advice on sales and successful participation in exhibitions, coordination of B2B meetings, currency transfer, organization of conferences and the seminars will meet your needs.

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