International Exhibition of Furniture Industry (Hofex) Tehran-Iran


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Home Furniture Exhibition of Iran Tehran (HOFEX)

Date: 30 July to 2 Aug 2024

Venue: Tehran int’l permanent fairground

Opening hours: 08:00 to 15:00

Iran Home Furniture Exhibition (HOFEX) will be held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and member of the board and head of the International Exhibition Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the accompanying delegation.

In the Home Furniture Exhibition Tehran from 5 countries, including Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Turkey and China, in the field of production of modern and classic furniture – sleeping goods – Kodak and teen furniture, activity and its latest innovations in this regard to the esteemed visitors Presented.

Iran/Tehran Home Furniture Exhibition (HOFEX) is the largest and most important exhibition of Iran’s furniture industry. In this exhibition, which is held with the presence of most prominent and export brands in the field of home furniture, in order to facilitate access and short time for visitors, booths in 4 section such as modern furniture and comfort product groups, classic furniture, children and teen furniture, and mattresses are availble.

Objectives of The Home Furniture Exhibition Tehran

  • Holding a professional exhibition in accordance with international standards
  • Observance of standards and level expected by the chairman of the council in terms of quality, service delivery, information and respect and customer satisfaction
  • Raising the level of quality and standards of holding exhibitions from the point of view of people, class and industry,
  • trade development organization and exhibition joint stock company (culture building)
  • Instead of setting new records and holding the largest exhibition in the country and the Middle East
  • Develop and enhance the atmosphere of customer satisfaction and respect (participants and visitors

Product of Iran Home Furniture Exhibition (HOFEX)

  • Furniture:

Comfortable furniture, classic, European style furniture, neoclassical, classic and American style furniture, luxury and modern living room furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s room, kitchen, outdoor furniture, bedroom set for adults, children, teenagers and babies, dining set, Metal chair and table, honey table, bedside table

  • Commercial furniture:

Furniture, office tables and chairs, hotels, gyms, cinema furniture and equipment

  • Outdoor and garden furniture, sunbeds, barbecue accessories and garden decorations
  • Furniture decoration and accessories:

Rumbles, cushions and pillows, lighting and lighting systems, mattresses and sleeping goods, table cloths, decorative paintings, decorative dishes and antiques, photo frames, artificial flowers, statues, gramophones, telephones, clocks, carpets, buffets, showcases, libraries, etc.

  • Raw materials, equipment and tools for furniture production:

Types of fabric, foam, leather and fur and skin for the production of furniture, machinery and accessories, wood-based panel production technology, wood primary processing technology, sawmill technology, green production and control technology safety, wood product packaging technology, materials Raw and auxiliary materials, mechanical parts and hand tools, software for engraving machines, CAD/CAM technology, CNC woodworking machines and tools, MDF and chipboard plates, laminate, high glass, furniture fittings, edge tape and three-layer sheets, etc.

The importance of booth construction in The Home Furniture Exhibition Tehran (Hofex)

By booth construction at Iran Home Furniture Exhibition (HOFEX), you can display your products and services in such a way that, in the first step, the visitors will get to know your services and advantages in comparison with the competitors, and in the next step, to get to know More to visit your booth.

Modern and advanced booth construction according to your needs can play a significant role in attracting visitors and showing your capabilities; Therefore, be aware in choosing the company. In this regard, the exhibitionmakers company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours, holding exhibitions and providing advice on sales and successful participation in exhibitions, coordination of B2B meetings, currency transfer, organization of conferences and the seminars will meet your needs.

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  • Tehran int'l permanent fairground

Address : QCR3+96 Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran