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Exhibition Of Dental Association

Iranian Dental Congress

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About Iran International Dental Exhibition

It is possible to name the Iran International Dental Exhibition as the largest gathering of Dental groups in the country and said participants from neighboring countries will also attend this congress.

The purpose of holding this exhibition is to present scientific news in this field, which will lead to the promotion of science and knowledge of activists in this field in the country.

Iran International Dental Exhibition is the largest and most valuable dental event in Iran.

Iran International Dental Exhibition is the largest and leading event of continuous professional training and development for the field of dental in Iran and the region and is a suitable place to receive the latest insights, new methods and extensive dental training programs highest possible standards in the field of professional work.

The exhibition allows visitors to choose from a wide range of services and products from a wonderful collection of leading companies in the industry.


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Why should you participate in the Iran International Dental Exhibition?

The Iran International Dental Exhibition has been active and growing for more than several decades. If you are aware, the Iranian market, due to its large population, is always a very good market for domestic and foreign producers to offer the product.

Iran has many neighbors in terms of geography, which are always in economic relations, and many traders and merchants Due to the high level of quality of Iranian exhibitions compared to the region to visit and conclude contracts and meetings refer to the Iran International Dental Exhibition.

One of the most important things is the direct supervision and cooperation of the Iranian Dental Association in this exhibition.

The Iranian Dental Association has been active in Iran for several years and has been able to provide a wide range of services in this field to date.

Paying attention to the necessary points and preventing weaknesses in holding the exhibition of the Iran International Dental Exhibition, using the experiences of the exhibitors and participants in the exhibition, will greatly help your success in the Iran International Dental Exhibition and achieve the desired goals in this field.

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Why should you visit the Iran International Dental Exhibition?

Iran International Dental Exhibition is one of the oldest, largest and best exhibition in this field in Iran. This exhibition has a very high variety of products and services that its participants from all over the world and with the latest technology and products have gathered in this exhibition, and you can visit the Iran International Dental  Exhibition with the latest technology tools and equipment Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Worldwide.

There are always collections that are looking for qualified people to distribute in the region, through which they can take over a part of the dental market, so if you have the same potential in distribution, do not miss this exhibition.


The importance of booth construction in Exhibition Of Dental Association?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at the Exhibition Of Dental Association, your products can be better exhibited.

Success in Exhibition Of Dental Association, in addition to participating in the exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods.

In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, B2B coordination meetings, currency transfer, the need to hold conferences and seminars It is always more responsive than you expect.

Location of booth and successful presence in the exhibition:

To display the quality products and achievements of the company in the booth exhibition

presence of vip and cip places in the booth to receive guests and clients and grant representation and contract with them

Having a place to prepare catering supplies and promotional gifts and catalogs, etc.

Using the name and logo of the company in different directions of the booth for purposes such as advertising, etc. in the matter of booth construction

To be better seen and to stay in the minds of the client.



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Iranian Dental Congress

The Iran International Dental Congress and Exhibition will be held at the Tehran International Exhibition.

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  • Tehran International Exhibition

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