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Istanbul International Exhibition of ATRAX

Istanbul International Exhibition of ATRAX will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition between 14 to 16 Feb 2019.

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Istanbul International Exhibition of ATRAX will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition between 14 to 16 Feb 2019.

ATRAX is the first and only specialized exhibition of Turkey and neighboring countries where large projects in the entertainment industry are being realized. Filling an important niche of sector related events in the ever growing amusement, recreation sector, ATRAX Exhibition is attracting record number of visitors from Europe, Africa, Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkic Republics thanks to Istanbul’s unique geography and strategic location.

This year, ATRAX will continue to introduce the latest innovations, technologies, products and projects of the amusement sector to the professionals and investors of the sector as part of an international organization. In current edition, ATRAX Exhibition will be hosting its participants and professional visitors with numerous novelties and improvements.

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“Sportive cities are more fun…”

With the integration of sports into new generation attraction areas, this year, with its new theme “Sportive cities are more fun…”, ATRAX emphasizes events, attraction and recreation areas that require active participation and demand physical activity from its visitors. Sports, in addition to creating a healthy generation, entertains and helps people socialize and strengthens emotional bonds and creates peaceful cities with happy residents.

ATRAX 2018 shades light on the future of the sector with its comprehensive conference content aimed at the constantly growing amusement, attractions, parks and recreation industry.

Why ATRAX 2019?

  1. First and only Specialized Exhibition of Turkey
  1. International Exhibitor Profile
  1. Professional Visitors from all around the world
  1. Don’t miss this opportunity when international companies meet in Istanbul
  2. Preserve your share in the growing market
  1. Perfect timing for investment
  1. Reach Public and Private companies and NGO
  1. Meet New Business Contacts
  1. Strengthen Your Brand Image
  2. Manage the Perception of Your Customers With Effective Time Managemen
  1. Know about your competitor
  2. Follow the Development and Demands of the Sector Closely
  3. Improve your Advertising Effectiveness and Increase your news presence

Exhibitsat Turkey ATRAX 2019:

Amusement facility equipment:

  • Theme Park Facility Equipment
  • Shopping Mall Equipment
  • Vending,Arcade Machines
  • Indoor And Outdoor İnflatable Equipment
  • Motion Simulators
  • Bowling Facility Equipments
  • Climbing Walls Equipment
  • Go-Karts, Bowling, Miniature Golf Equipment
  • Darts, Billyard, Paintball Equipment
  • Laser Show And Games
  • Aquarium, Museum Services And Equipment

Attraction services and equipment:

  • Animation and Show Materials
  • Costumes and Accessories
  • Party, Decoration, Fireworks Equipment
  • Event Organization Companies
  • Stage systems
  • Sound and Lighting Show systems
  • Laser Show System and Equipment
  • Space Rental Companies
  • Festival Organizers
  • Performance and Show Companies
  • Music, Event Services and Equipment
  • Photo, Video Services
  • Equipment rental companies

Park and recreation areas facility equipment:

  • Park Garden Attraction, Recreation Sets and Equipment
  • Playground equipments
  • Amusement park equipment
  • Pool and Fountain Systems
  • Fences and protection systems

Sport facilities equipment:

  • Indoor and outdoor sports facility equipments
    (Volleyball,soccer, basketball, tennis, golf etc.)
  • Sports floor coverings
  • Swimming pool equipments
  • Other facility equipment

Water game systems and equipment:

  • Inflatable Water Game Equipment
  • Water Park Equipment
  • Water Sports Tools (Inflatable Boat, Surfing, Paragliding, Canoe, Sea Bike, etc.)
  • Beach and Golf Carts

Facility services:

  • Facility design, construction & project services
  • Modular and temporary structures
  • Park garden landscape services
  • Equipment & maintenance services
  • Lighting systems
  • Leasing companies
  • Security and Wristbands
  • Entry and payment systems
  • Photo, video services
  • Hardware & Software
  • Furniture, accessories and spare parts
  • Security,emergency and crisis Management
  • Associations
  • Press, publications and organizations
  • Other services

Visitor Profile of ATRAX Turkey 2019:

  • Sector Professionals, Manufacturers and Resellers
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Themeparks, Amusement Parks, Owners and Operators,
  • Billiards, Bowling, Golf Operators, Founders
  • Enterprise Owners and Authorities (Hotels, Holiday Village…)
  • Entertainmentand Recreation Center Owners and Officials
  • Municipalities
  • Shopping Mall Center Managers
  • Project Contractors
  • Construction Firms
  • International Investment Firms, Representatives and Sector Professionals
  • Construction Markets and Wholesalers
  • Importers and Project Companies in The Target Countries,
  • Building Cooperatives and Sites Managements
  • Contractors, Architectures and Interior Architectures
  • Landscape Architectures
  • Town Planners
  • Schools, Kinder Gartens
  • Sports Center Manager
  • Private House Owners
  • Public Institutions and Organizations
  • Unions and Associations
  • Students and Academics

Last Year in ATRAX Istanbul:

ATRAX was held for the second time at Istanbul Fuar Merkezi between 3-5 December 2016. By hosting a total of 198 companies (60 international and 138 local) from 33 countries in Istanbul, ATRAX 2016 was the ultimate meeting point for the international amusement sector.The event was held on an exhibition venue of 11.000 m2 and a total of 370 brands were exhibited on a net footage of 6958 m2. The results of the survey conducted among participants indicated a participant satisfaction rate of 99.5%. Offering its participants new opportunities for entering into business deals at the international level, ATRAX exhibition attracted a total of 8957 professional visitors from 61 countries. ATRAX served as a platform for important business deals and in its third year, it established itself firmly among the prominent global events of the sector.

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