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Automechanika Exhibition Istanbul -Turkey (Tuyap Fair Center)

Automechanika Exhibition Istanbul Turkey (Tuyap Fair Center)

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Cars & Related Parts (Automechanika) Exhibition Istanbul will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition. Automechanika Istanbul is Turkey’s Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry. The Turkish automotive market requires good preparation and smooth entry conditions. If you would like to enter this rapidly growing market or if you would like to expand your existing business in Turkey, Automechanika Istanbul is the right platform for you. Bringing the major players in the Turkish and European industries together, this fair has become a meeting point, for Turkey as well as for the surrounding regions.

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4 days full of Innovation and Business Contacts:

Automechanika Istanbul is Eurasia’s number one OEM and Aftermarket event. It brings together all relevant professionals from the Automotive Manufacturing, Distribution and Repair sectors in the region and it provides opportunities for Small and Middle Enterprises to step up in the market. If Turkey and its region is important for your business, this fair is not to be missed.

Product groups of Automechanika Istanbul:

  • Parts & Components: Powertrain, Chassis, Bodywork, Standard parts, Interior, Alternative drive systems original equipment / retrofits /all-in-one solutions, Charging accessories, Regenerated, reconditioned and restored parts for passenger vehicles and utility vehicles, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.
  • Electronics & Systems: Engine electronics, Vehicle illumination, On-board power supply system, Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) / Vehicle safety, Comfort electronics, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.
  • Accessories & Customizing: Accessories for motor vehicles in general Technical customizing, Visual customizing, Technical customizing, Visual customizing, Infotainment, Special vehicles, equipment and retrofittings, Wheel rims, wheels, tyres, tyre pressure management systems, Car trailers and small utility vehicle trailers, spare parts and accessory parts for trailers, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.
  • Repair & Maintenance: Workshop equipment and tools, Bodywork repair, Painting and corrosion protection, Maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures, Towing service, accident assistance, mobile services, Disposal and recycling, Workshop and car dealer equipment, Oils and lubricants, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.
  • Management & Digital Solutions: Workshop / car dealer / filling station design and construction, Financing , franchise concepts, Claims management and claims control, Dealer management systems, Workshop management, Vocational training and advanced training, Internet service providers and vehicle marketplaces, Promotion of trade and industry, cluster initiatives, Mobility concepts, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.
  • Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning: Washing, Vehicle care, Vehicle reconditioning, Charging infrastructure and refuelling, Industry institutions and specialist publishers.

Automechanika Academy once again:

Automechanika Academy – the most effective event of Automechanika Brand – will be once again organized. The wide range of the content with seminars, workshops and trainings will influence the participants. There will be 4 days of seminars, workshops and trainings with the main topics as Mobility in the Near Future, New Technology and Materials for The Automotive Service Industry and Eurasia Market At a Glance.

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The importance of booth construction in Automechanika Exhibition Istanbul?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at Automechanika Turkey, your products can be better exhibited. In addition to participating in the exhibition, success in Automechanika Turkey requires a professional booth to display the goods.

In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction in the Automechanika fair Istanbulexhibition registration in the Automechanika fair Istanbulexhibition tours to the Automechanika fair Istanbul and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, coordinating B2B meetings, currency transfer, organizing the conferences and seminars is always more responsive than you expect.

Location of booth and successful presence in the exhibition:

  1. To display the quality of products and achievements of the company as best as possible in the booth exhibition


  1. Reserve VIP and CIP places in the booth to welcome guests and visitors and grant representation and contract with them.


  1. Having a place to prepare catering supplies and promotional gifts, catalogs & etc. also will inspire the positive effect.


  1. Using the company’s name and logo in different places of the booth for purposes such as advertising, etc.


  1. In the matter of booth construction to be better seen and to stay in the minds of the visitors.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the President and the Ministers.

It is a great opportunity for companies active in this industry to expose their achievements and products to those involved in the industry and experts, and to guide their future activities and innovations by considering the market demand trend and the growth direction of this industry.

Figures related to the automobile industry in Turkey

Since 2000, “main parts manufacturers” have invested more than 15 billion dollars in their operations in Turkey, and these investments have significantly increased the production capacities of these companies, and in return, Turkey has become one of the important players in the value chain of international manufacturers. The original parts were replaced.

Turkey’s remarkable growth in the automobile industry has brought this country to the 15th largest automobile manufacturer in the world, and the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in Europe by the end of 2018.

Turkey provides a supportive environment for the supply chain. About 1,100 manufacturing parts supplier companies supply original parts manufacturers, which are sent directly to the production lines of these manufacturers, and thus the centralization rate of original parts manufacturers varies between 50 and 70%.

In 2019, more than 1.3 million cars were exported from Turkey to foreign markets, and in 2018, Turkey took the first place in exporting cars to European markets with 1.1 million.

The automotive industry in Turkey is known as a leading exporter of automotive products to the world markets. Turkish cars and parts are exported to different countries. Turkish products in the field of automobiles are sent to different countries.

Turkish companies participate in international exhibitions and events related to the automotive industry, such as: Automechanika, Istanbul, Turkey, to introduce their products to the world and strengthen business relationships. By attending the exhibition and participating in it, you can display your products in the large market of the Turkish automotive industry and introduce them to European and Asian companies.


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International Exhibition of Automechanika

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Automechanika Exhibition Istanbul Turkey (Tuyap Fair Center)

Automechanika Exhibition Istanbul Turkey will be held in Istanbul international exhibition between 08th to 11th June 2024

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  • Istanbul International Exhibition - Tuyap Fair Center

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