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Automotive Parts and accessories Exhibition of Iran Tehran (IRAN AUTO PARTS)

Date: 18 to 21 June 2024

Venue: Tehran int’l permanent fairground

Opening hours: 08:00 to 15:00

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Iran automotive Parts and accessories Exhibition (IRAN Auto parts) is the largest industrial and commercial event in Iran in the field of automobiles, which was held last year in an area of ​​90,000 square meters, with 750 capable domestic and foreign participants and more than 60 A thousand visitors were present. The international exhibition of automobile parts, accessories and automobile collections of Iran is a very important opportunity for the companies active in this industry to expose their achievements and products to the visit of the professionals and experts of this industry and taking into account the market demand trend and the and direct their future activities and innovations towards the growth of this industry. Definitely, this year’s exhibition will be one of the most powerful exhibitions in the Middle East automobile field.

In The Tehran International Exhibition of Auto Parts from France, Greece, Turkey, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Italy and Poland are present. IAPEX of Iran Tehran is considered as an important opportunity for evaluation of the prospects in automotive sectors, the increase of sector-specific export, the protection of market share, and the establishment of long term business connections.

Sections of Iran automotive Parts and accessories Exhibition (IAPEX)

  • Auto parts
  • Machineries and equipment for component manufacturing
  • Research and engineering design
  • Auto services
  • Auto materials and equipment
  • Trade and aftermarket
  • Auto decorative accessories
  • Auto cleaning products
  • Professional publications

Why should you participate in the Cars, automotive Parts & Accessories exhibition (AUTO PARTS) of Tehran?

Iran automobile Parts and accessories Exhibition been active and growing for more than several decades. If you are aware, the Iranian market, due to its large population, is always a very good market for domestic and foreign producers to offer the product. Iran has many neighbors in terms of geography, which are always in economic relations, and many traders and merchants Due to the high level of quality of Iranian exhibitions compared to the region to visit and conclude contracts and meetings refer to the Exhibition of Auto Parts.

Why should you visit this exhibition?

Automotive Parts Exhibition Tehran one of the oldest, largest and best exhibition in this field in Iran. This exhibition has a very high variety of products and services that its participants from all over the world and with the latest technology and products have gathered in this exhibition, and you can visit the Automotive Parts Exhibition Tehran the latest technology tools and equipment Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Worldwide.

There are always collections that are looking for qualified people to distribute in the region, through which they can take over a part of the Automotive Parts Exhibition Tehran, so if you have the same potential in distribution, do not miss this exhibition.

The importance of booth construction in Iran automotive Parts and accessories Exhibition

By booth construction at Iran automotive Parts and accessories Exhibition, you can display your products and services in such a way that, in the first step, the visitors will get to know your services and advantages in comparison with the competitors, and in the next step, to get to know More to visit your booth.

Modern and advanced booth construction according to your needs can play a significant role in attracting visitors and showing your capabilities; Therefore, be aware in choosing the company. In this regard, the exhibitionmakers company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours, holding exhibitions and providing advice on sales and successful participation in exhibitions, coordination of B2B meetings, currency transfer, organization of conferences and the seminars will meet your needs.

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  • Tehran int'l permanent fairground

Address : QCR3+96 Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran