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Mining & Related Machinery Exhibition Istanbul Turkey

Mining and related machinery fairs Istanbul will be held between 2 to 5 May 2024 at Tuyap fair and congress center.

Mining & Related Machinery Exhibition Istanbul will be held in Istanbul international exhibition center. Turkey has increased its mining industry export by 262% in the last 10 years. Mining Turkey 2024, Mining Turkey International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment, and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair draw attention of both domestic and foreign sector companies. The fair helped the sector to gain an efficient, competitive and sustainable marketing power and brought together many areas from mineral exploration services to processing and operation technology services.

Mining Turkey, International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment, and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair opened its doors for the sector professionals at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center and it continued to be an international sales and marketing platform for the leading companies from Turkey as well as worldwide, where the production potential and capabilities of the industry exhibited. And it will continue its mission of be an international sales and marketing platform.

Who are the exhibitors of Istanbul Mining Exhibition?

  • Topographical Measuring Equipment
  • Geophysical Survey Equipment
  • Prospection and Geological Survey Equipment
  • Satellite Communication and Remote Control Systems
  • Drilling Machinery and Equipment
  • Blasting Equipment and Accessories
  • Excavation – Haulage Machinery and Equipment
  • Shaft Sinking and Hoisting Systems
  • Mineral Processing Machinery and Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Tunnel Boring Machines and Equipment
  • Tunnel Scada Management Systems
  • Asphalt Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • Traffic Management Infrastructure, Road Safety and Parking Systems
  • Geotechnical Parts & Technologies
  • Monitoring and Communication Systems
  • Gas Measurement and Safety Devices
  • Natural Stones Extraction Machines and Processing
  • Chemical System, Mineralogical and Petrographically Analyzing Equipment
  • Open Pit and Underground Mining Projects Environmental Management and Related Devices
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Finance and Legal Services
  • Software Services
  • Publications
  • Universities
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Who will visit the Mining and Related Machinery Exhibition Istanbul?

  • Mine, Quarry and Heavily Construction Machine Users
  • Construction companies
  • Public Bodies and High-Ranking Institutions
  • Professionals such as: engineers, architects, surveyors, technical experts
  • Dealers and distributors of machinery, equipment and various material
  • Natural Stone and Mine Administrators
  • Mine Searching and Geologic Surveying Firms
  • Purchasing companies and consortia
  • Safety technicians
  • Assistance and service firms
  • Certifying bodies
  • Machinery and Tool Hire Companies
  • Technicians and officers of public administrations and super intendencies
  • Universities and vocational training centers
  • Publications
  • Universities
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Why Should You Visit Mining and Related Machinery Exhibition Istanbul?

  • The most comprehensive fair organized for mining industry in the Eurasian geography
  • Opportunity to directly obtain the most modern machinery and equipment for mining industry
  • An opportunity for small and medium-scale companies to open up to international markets
  • An international sales and marketing environment welcoming leader companies from Turkey and worldwide where production power and capabilities, new services and technologies are displayed.
  • Possibility to create new collaboration opportunities with mining sector professionals from various geographies.
  • Opportunity to help the sector gain efficient, competitive and sustainable marketing power
  • Opportunity to get familiar with the products contributing to the energy efficiency of the mining world.
  • Opportunity to find alternative solutions for raw material supply.

Why Should You Participate in Mining Turkey Fair 2024?

  • To closely follow-up sectoral developments and expectations
  • To find new investment opportunities
  • To promote new products and observe their success in the market
  • Take new orders and maximize revenue
  • Continue with existing customers and current sales
  • Expand export opportunities
  • View and display the latest technologies and designs
  • Come together with prospective customers
  • Gain competitor information
  • Compare similar products
  • Find new distribution channels
  • Expedite the sales process
  • Discover and learn more about new local and international markets
  • Display products and services that differentiate you from competitors

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