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Yarn & Fiber Industry Exhibition (Yarn fair) Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Yarn fair will be held in Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between 13 to 15 Feb 2025.

Yarn & Fiber Industry Exhibition (Yarn fair) Istanbul Turkey will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition. Istanbul Yarn Fair, committees from a total of 7 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Russia), which are target export locations of the industry as part of committees organized by the Turkish Ministry of Economy, undertook intense commercial discussions with participating companies. Participating companies that export to more than 50 countries and are among the few leading yarn manufacturers in the world were pleased about increasing their capacities.

The International Istanbul Yarn Fair hosted by Tüyap achieved great success by breaking its own record of the previous year. Organized with the participation of 318 companies and company representatives from 23 countries, the Fair welcomed 2,729 foreign and 9,769 domestic visitors, which is 12,498 visitors in total.
Throughout the Yarn Fair where the participants, visitors and industry representatives were brought together, leading brands of the industry attracted new customers and accomplished key collaborations.

Yarn is one of the most important product groups of the Turkish textile and raw materials industry. The yarn industry had an 18.4% share of the total textile and raw materials exports as of the January-March period.

With a modern Turkish substructure, the yarn industry, which is the second most exported sub-product group after woven fabric products in the textile and raw materials industry, manufactures all types of yarn from cotton yarn to sewing yarn, from synthetic and artificial filament yarn to synthetic and artificial filament staple fibers yarn, from wool and fine or coarse animal hair yarns to vegetable textile fibers and silk according to the domestic market demands and exports these products as well. Furthermore, the yarn industry, which has a significant position in the exports of value-added products, also has an important place in the field of technical textiles.


  • Meet up with existing contacts in order to socialiec informally
  • Meet up with existing suppliers / providers or partners in order to review or discuss business
  • Gather industry knowledge and learnings through talks or presentations
  • Visit different exhibitor stands and areas of the show to see what is new and interesting in the industry
  • Talk to as many suppliers as possible in order to investigate specific business objectives
  • Networking to meet new people in order to create new business opportunities
  • Focus on meeting a few specific people or companies to do business with

Why Should You Participate Yarn & Fiber Industry Exhibition Istanbul?

  • The most important trade meeting of the international yarn sector
  • The meeting point of creative and innovative exhibitors with target markets
  • The opportunity to meet with qualified visitors from different places of the world and Turkey
  • The meeting opportunities with hosted-buyers and international visitors from more than 70 countries
  • For a new beginning to the new season, take your place in the most important meeting of global yarn industry where environment-friendly, high performance and superior quality products will be exhibited.
  • The occasion to meet Turkish leading textile producers
  • Empower your brand in the global market
  • Be together with the manufacturers, suppliers, importers, traders, and non-governmental organizations of the industry in one place at one time
  • Follow closely of demands and expectations of the market
  • The opportunity to explore new products and innovations

PROFILE of Yarn & Fiber Industry Exhibition (Yarn fair) Istanbul Turkey 

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Cotton Blended Yarns
  • Elastane Yarns
  • Wool Yarns
  • Wool Blended Yarns
  • Viscose Yarns
  • Viscose Blended Yarns
  • Acrylic Yarns
  • Acrylic Blended Yarns
  • Fancy Yarns
  • Polyester Yarns
  • Polyester Blended Yarns
  • Silk Yarns
  • Silk Blended Yarns
  • Polypropylene Yarns
  • Polyamide Yarns
  • Linen Yarns
  • Linen Blended Yarns
  • Natural Yarns
  • Regenerated Yarns
  • Metallic Yarns
  • Technical Yarns
  • Sewing Yarns
  • Embroidery Yarns
  • Nylon Yarns
  • Hand Knitting Yarns
  • Textured Yarns
  • Fibers
  • Bobbin, Spool and Reels
  • Publications

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The importance of booth construction in The Istanbul Yarn Fair

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