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Milan International Exhibition of BIMU

Milan International Exhibition of BIMU will be hold in Milan international exhibition between 09 to 13 Oct 2018.

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Milan International Exhibition of BIMU will be hold in Milan international exhibition between 09 to 13 Oct 2018.

BIMU is one of the historical and most qualified international events dedicated to machine tools, robot, production system and auxiliary technologies industry. A point of reference for all operators from the manufacturing industry as a whole, BIMU focuses the attention of all user sectors on its exhibitors including mechanics, automative, aeronautic, aerospace, energy, electronics, biomedical, packaging, transport.

A novelty of current edition of BIMU is the special area “Fluid Power”, dedicated to components for oil-hydraulic and pneumatic systems. A large variety of companies will present machine tools automation robots and the latest offerings for components and structural processing.

In additional, specialists will focus on the most recent solutions for welding and assembly and an impressive conference programme and other initiatives designed to highlight job opportunities for young people in the sector.

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Visitor Profile of BIMU Milan 2018:

BIMU visitors listed by industry sector of interest:

  • metal cutting machines
  • metal forming machines
  • automation, control, robotics
  • metrology, quality
  • micromanufacturing
  • parts, components, accessories
  • welding
  • industrial services
  • software
  • dies and moulds
  • subcontracting
  • tooling

Index of products in Italy Machine Tools Exhibition and Robot Expo Milan:


  • Turning machines (lathes)
  • Drilling machines
  • Boring machines
  • Milling-boring and milling machines
  • Machining centres
  • Flexible manufacturing cells and systems
  • Transfer machines and unit heads
  • Grinding machines
  • Tool grinding machines
  • Gear cutting and finishing machines
  • Planing, shaping, slotting and broaching machines
  • Sawing and cutting-off machines
  • Screwing and threading machines
  • Honing, lapping machines
  • Deburring and chamfering machines
  • Sheet metal cutting machines
  • Sheet metal blanking, punching machines
  • Sheet metal forming machines
  • Sheet metal working cells and systems
  • Presses
  • Presses for special applications
  • Bar, section and tube working machines
  • Wire forming machines
  • Machines for the production of bolts, nuts, screws and rivets
  • Metal forming (massive) and extrusion machines
  • Electroerosive and electrochemical machines
  • Machines for marking and engraving
  • Machine tools for educational purposes
  • Parallel kinematic machines
  • Micromachining


  • Welding machines and equipment
  • Heat treatment machines and equipment
  • Machines and systems for use in surface technology
  • Machines, systems and materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Machines and equipment for foundry and die-casting


  • Cutting tools
  • Forming tools
  • Abrasive tools and products
  • Hand held tools
  • Tooling devices
  • Tool presetters and tool balancing
  • Workholding
  • Dies and moulds
  • Components for dies and moulds


  • Accessories
  • Mechanical components
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Electrical and electronic equipment for machine tools
  • Control and drive systems
  • Lubrication and cooling
  • Materials
  • Devices for processing waste disposal
  • Safety and health at workshop environment
  • Workshop equipment


  • Workpiece and tool handling
  • Automation for storage and transportation
  • Assembly
  • Industrial robots
  • Software for product development
  • Software for machines
  • Software for manufacturing
  • Computers and peripherals


  • Measuring instruments
  • Measuring machines and accessories
  • Testing
  • Machines and apparatus for non-destructive testing
  • Artificial vision
  • Quality control and software


  • Services for the workshop
  • Services for companies

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