The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 3

The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 3

Exhibition compartment

The exhibition compartment considered one of the principle parts of the stand. In this part services presentation and goods and or the models done the communication between the stand manager and or the selling unit and technique persons in charge with visitors and buyers are linked. The visitor becomes closely familiarized with the product and the objectives of the presence of the company and so the subsequent transactions will originally base. In this part, the manner of the machineries operations can be also shown and more expertise information will be at the disposal of the customer. In the case of lacking  a spot for the advice and consultation all, the processes of the work will be taken in this part. With a suitable design, the visual demonstration will carry out in this part.

Negotiation and consultation part

This part has an important role in marketing and selling and services and nearing the customer to the bordering of readiness for sale and closing the contract. In this part the product capabilities, the power of the company and complete explanations will given to the customer by the group and or the negotiator and the initial negotiation , agreement and occasionally sign of the pre contract and presentation of the gifts of the company and specialized catalogues will do. The design of this part can be different and by the inspiration of meeting room and negotiation of the company and having the comfortable and suitable possibilities.

In this part if space had necessary area it could provide to utilize it for the reception of the special guests and for the final closing of the contract.


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Supporting Part

This part includes two areas

  • Visible section: including office furniture and reception section for receiving the invited and visitors
  • Invisible section: consisting of keeping fair equipment and spare part, butler’s pantry, resting space and…

This section is different according to the stand area and the possibilities of the companies and its units designing be independently done separately if it is large.

Training Section

This part considering the training topic and the optimal use of advertisement dimension and making known the company and its products, in the case of having enough space, they dedicate a place in this stand for this work and there in addition to introduce company , the manner of rendering services and the related executive expertise procedures be taught for free.

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