The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 5

The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 5

 Designing of stand

Creativeness and the art of better living in the limited time and space can be the first idea for designing any fair stands.

Why the stand designing in the holding exhibition processing is of much importance? because if the design of a stand be proper and complete it conveys the stand holder’s and/ or a company message with a strong appealing to the concerned addressee in the period of fair crowding and business; and with the visiting limited-time from the stand (5 to 20 minutes) to create a permanent influence in a competitive status.

The utilization of elements and components such as light, color, form, and … representative of opinions relative to the human activities, which have impacts on human vision, moods, and personality, should be the principal goal of stand designing and setting of its products to improve its intellectual and physical performance and the access to aesthetic principles of the interior space realized.

The stand design accounts for the most sensitive phase of attendance at exhibition, the success rate in this phase is very effective on the other success of other phases so the passage of this phase calls for great attention.

The success principles depends on human factors, thinking, creativity and innovation in the relationship with the environment recognition and realities, conditions, time and place of the fair holding. Therefore, assigning the designing to anybody is not allowable and great care one should take into the account of electing the designer.

 Selection of Designer

In electing designer is one of the important functions of the fair participant and by considering the type of the hold able fairs in the world (general-expertise- private- Expo- sale) and the variety of the related goods the stand designer should have enough experience and the following characteristics :

  • Having exhibition subjectivity
  • Preferably be a decorator or a scene designer
  • Having good thinking, taste and talent
  • Having suitable experience in designing fair stands
  • Be along with the thinking of the participator ( stand manager)

The designer while designing should ask himself whether what he does or shows is guides the company in achieving its goals.

It is necessary to mention that if the designer or designers do not have enough expertise and experience their inverse efficacy of their works with regard to the limited time will be irreparable because strand designing is combination of technique and art and it follows basic principles. The designer should on one side provide the care and delicacy and with the safety observance of safety problems, equipments and technical needs such as water, electricity, theatrical standings and.. In addition, on the other side brings into spiritual, aesthetics, cultural factors in his designing.


Designer acquaintance with details

The stand designer should care a lot about details while making up the stand. After selecting of designer, the fair manger or in charge person should tell through details of work to him, and gives him the following information:

-The goods concerned for presentation specific specifications (dimensions, weight, and color and…)

  • The number of people busy in the stand
  • The way of the staff residency and the functions of each
  • The way of setting fair equipment for showing and presentation
  • The number of visitors who can simultaneously have visits or negotiations
  • The numbers of the invited or special guests
  • The required space for storage or keeping goods in stand
  • The necessary information concerning electricity, water and other services needed
  • The rules and regulations of the holder organization

The effective factors in stand designing in Iran

Several parameters have impacts on designing stand some of them can be:

  • The company situation in market and among the competitors
  • The land features and cultural of the location of the holding
  • The number of goods concerned for showing (avoidance of the accumulation of articles)
  • The dedicated budget for designing and make up
  • The suitability of stand with the objectives of participation
  • The concerned message – the sense that we are going to inspire in the mind of the lookers on

The important points in the stand designing

In designing the stand, the followings one should take into considerations:

  • Simplicity and feasibility in design presentation
  • Technical problems such as ( light- humidity- the entry and exit route- floor resistance and …)
  • The required space observation (negotiation- article show and …)
  • The observance of area contiguity in proportion with the neighboring stands
  • The location and situation of stand
  • The reasonable selection of the neighbors in the vicinity

Designing Limitations in Iran

Any designer in the realm of his work encounters with the limiting factors, which takes his freedom. The most limiting factor is the cost, which the stand holder has considered for designing and making up of the stand. Other factors are:

  • The authorized cargo rate which can put on the hall floor
  • The authorized height which is determined by the fair or organizer
  • The dimensions of the area which the stand is going to be built on
  • The number of the stand personnel
  • The presence of physical obstacles ( column and …) on the way in the stand location
  • The situation of the stand in hall and overall exhibition

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