The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 6

The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 6

The feasibilities and equipment required for designing and stand make up

As it mentioned previously, the stand designing is a composition of technique and art, therefore the required devices for this work will be in the category of techniques and art.

 The necessary requirements for designing and making up consist of water, power, and audio-visual, office equipment, decorative devices, and conveniences for reception.

In relation with goods technical problems and showing devices, it is utilized of the advices of engineers and experts who are responsible for showing or introduction of goods different from one stand to the other stand but the manner of setting, lighting, kind of color and graphical problems the aspect of artistic is done by the decorators. In relation to this, one can refer to the following items:


The colors are important factors for attracting addressees, which will remain in minds. The conveniences and equipment and furniture and the devices employed in stand should have suitable color and surface quality. Using different colors in stand and good settings should have necessary matching with each other. In using colors, one should consider the cultural characteristics of the location of showing and their spiritual efficacy on the visitors and the stand personnel. Using the warm and alive colors in stand will attract the attention more but in showing goods the color, matching with kind of articles will be

more effective for example, the color of red ordered for the goods giving warmth and the color of blue used for the goods cold giving.

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Light is as the same as one of the important factors for attracting the attention of addresses. By diffusing light, one can increase the stand attraction. By suitable light-play, especially with the mild lights one can create a calm space and or differentiate the calm space inside the stand from the crowding space of outside. Although somewhere from inside stand, one should use a more contrastive light and with more intensity and a distinguished color. Using diverse colors in light play not recommended because it may take the attention of the addresses from goods to other things.

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  In light-play concerning the various effects of different lights, spiritual, and psychological and the rate of heat generation and or fire raising one should bear them in mind. In light processing, one should take that the lookers do not stare and from different corners could see the purposed good or the concerned apparatus easily. In light –play the lamps and projectors with capability of producing yellow light, blue light and …and different filters are used which each one has its own special features and applications and with consideration to the good, machine and the kind of fair will be different.

Audio-visual devices:

Using and applying proper audio-visual devices besides the upgrading the appeal of stand, it can give complete and suitable information to the addressee and it will not be necessary for a long negotiation and the explanation of all the problems. These devices can be used for the goods that have not the possibility to be shown in fairs. Showing the films from the executive records in the production section and services has a great role in putting effect on part of negotiations.

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By utilization of this science, one can induce the concerned message and or the participation objectives in fair to the watchers. The clear and simple has higher effects putting and it prevents the confusion and tiredness of the addressee.


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Standard Stand (Type)

Shell Stand (Shell scheme)

We often deal with Shell Stand in holding fairs, which will be given in similar form to the participators upon their request so that they demonstrate their goods in this space such stands have relatively less designing and make up expenses

than the stands, which have designed for special objectives. Concerning of making these stands from the pre-fabricated and standard pieces and being assemblage they are known to modular systems. In this method, the stand made-up in a short time and is prepared for setting of goods and from this standpoint, they have extra efficiency.

Stand with special manufacturing

Considering that an exhibition stand must in a short time has an enough necessary appeal for the addressees to attract them and encourage them to visit the stand. It should from the executive possibilities in the mentioned procedures and more effective application of graphics, light, and … devices …to attain faster presentation of the proposed message and create a suitable and participating stand.

  Such stands from the traditional materials and prefabricated systems use them in composed for the stand make up is used.


In this method, it used more from the pre-fabricated pieces (aluminum- still). Today, in regard with the stand industry growth, and with the special designs specific for the stand make-ups, variation of product parts, and the possibility of different design carrying out in most fairs.


In this method for making up the sand, such materials as traditional stuff and material for example brick, wood and… is used.

Selecting Contractor for Stand Makeup

In many times, the designers introduce the contractors for the stand make up in regarding with the design performance capabilities and they undertake the work surveillance. In any case, the stand manager the fair in charge person with consideration of the work final responsibility should make assurance that:

  • The contractor confirmed by the fair holding organization who had ever successful performances or otherwise
  • The work of stand manufacturing is done outside the fair and then it is assembled at the fair or the operation of the stand manufacturing is done at the fair site
  • How the contractor makes surveillance on the work progress and achieves the wants of the company
  • The contractor has enough time for the stand make up ( no to have numerous works.)
  • How much is the contractor depending on the other contractors for making up the stand and how is their quality of their works?

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