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13000   Meter

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459   Company

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Handicrafts Exhibition of Iran Tehran

Date: 29 Aug to 1 Sep 2024

Venue: Tehran int’l permanent fairground

Opening hours: 08:00 to 15:00

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Handicraft exhibition in Iran Tehran is the largest industrial and commercial event in Iran in the field of handicrafts, which was held last year in an area of ​​13,000 square meters and was attended by 459 capable domestic and foreign participants and more than 40,000 visitors. National Handicrafts Exhibition of Iran is a very important opportunity for the companies active in this industry to expose their achievements and products to the visitors of the professionals and experts of this industry, and taking into account the demand trend of the markets and the direction of the growth of this industry, the activities and guide their future innovations. This year’s exhibition will definitely be one of the most powerful exhibitions in the field of Middle Eastern handicrafts.

This exhibition is a place where culture, art, craft traditions and new innovations come together and become a monopoly event. The unique artwork, designed with the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen and artists, is dedicated to the people who want to be prominent.

The Handicraft Exhibition Tehran is hosting the most prominent and skilled artisans of history in a special and distinguished atmosphere, in which tradition and innovation combine to create outstanding and impeccable handmade products. Each year you can enjoy visiting works as well as occasional art at the Tehran Exhibition of Handicraft.

Exhibition of Handicrafts Iran Products

  • Clothing
  • accessories
  • Furniture and furniture
  • accessories
  • Jewelry
  • silvers
  • Collectibles and gifts
  • Drink and Food

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Exhibition venue

  • Tehran int'l permanent fairground

Address : QCR3+96 Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran