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The First Iran International Specialized Exhibition of Cultural Heritage, Preservation, Restoration & Rehabilitation and Museum Equipment Shahre Aftab

The First Iran International Specialized Exhibition of Parking, Investment, Design, Technology and Equipment Shahre Aftab from 17-19 July 2018 in Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition Center.

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The First Iran International Specialized Exhibition of Parking, Investment, Design, Technology and Equipment Shahre Aftab from 17-19 July 2018 in Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition Center.

1- Try to fill out the requested information clear & correct. The applicant is responsible for the truth of the information entered in the form.

2- The entered information will be used in the exhibition catalogue in English and Persian.

3- Each booth title will be bilingually printed in English and Persian including complete, partial or abbreviated title of the company/participant trade name.

4- Booths will be organized & arranged based on the expo categories.

5- Exhibitors are allowed to present a single field of activity in each booth.

6- Exhibitors will be addressed by organizer secretariat for advertising opportunities mentioned in application form.

7- Completion of the application form does not mean the fulfilment of registration process and provides no obligation for the organizer.

8- Booths will be arranged respect to registration priority and other exhibition standards & policies and no objection by the exhibitors in this regard will be verified.

9- Filling out the application form means complete awareness & acceptance of general & specified rules of the exhibition.

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Exhibition general rules and regulations

10- Islamic republic of Iran current rules are obligatory for all exhibitors.

11- Awareness of exhibition administrational rules & policies are obligatory.

12- Complete co-operation with organizers & their attendants are expected from exhibitors, their agents, contractors and employees.

13- Person in charge of application in application form is responsible for every communication and follow up with organizer.

14- To introduce & exhibit product and services are the only purpose of the exhibition and sales are totally prohibited.

15- Only related products and services as stated in application form are allowed to be presented in each booth.

16- Obtaining & attachment of identification badges are required by each exhibitors, agents and their employees.

17- Islamic Hijab should be respected.

18- No stickers are allowed on booth and venue surfaces.

19- Written approval of organizers are required for any outside booth advertisement.

20- Booths are assembled with standard provisions and no manipulation is authorized. Extra services may be provided by request and payment of charges.

21- Extra supplies and respective price list are available in exhibition’s website.

22- Booth price

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a- 12 m2     >>>     3,000€

b- 18 m2     >>>     4,320€

c- 30 m2       >>>     6,900€

d- 45 m2       >>>     9,900€

23- 9% VAT will be added to the above amounts.

24- 12 m2 standard booths are originally equipped with structure and panels,a table, two chairs, a power outlet and appropriate illumination. For each added 6 m2 of area an extra chair and for each 12m2 of area added an extra table, are available.

25- In case an exhibitor cancels an application for any reason within 72 hours, total amount of application fee will be returned.

26- Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning of booths during exhibition days.

27- Safe guarding of booth equipment and personal properties are among exhibitors responsibilities.

28- Exhibitors are not authorized to keep staff outside their booth.

29- Smoking and application of smoke generators are not allowed indoor.

30- Pressurized capsules, flammable and detonating materials as well as dangerous or hazardous chemicals are not allowed in all venue except with approval of organizer. Offenders will be liable for any arising damages, charges and also legal consequences.

31- Risky actions are forbidden in venue.

32- Implementation of mechanical or electrical equipment of all kind are authorized only with written approval of organizer.

33- Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to exhibitor and venue properties.

34- Food delivery is performed by organizer’s approved contractors only. No other food delivery is authorized.

35- Trucks and cranes are not authorized to entering indoor.

36- Product transportation is not authorized during exhibition open hours.

37- Technical and logistic services will be available by exhibition contractors only.

38- Booth delivery to exhibitors will be accomplished 48 hours before exhibition opening and evacuation period should be performed within 24 hours after exhibition closing.

39- In case of exhibition postponed or canceled by the force majeure conditions such as war, riots, storm, earthquake, flood, fire, etc. or national high ranking officials decease or revisions of state current regulations, organizer have no responsibility against exhibitors. Maximum 50% of exhibitor’s payment is returnable however.

40- Exhibitors hereby declare their consent to all exhibition rules and regulations. Also declare their commitment to exhibitors’ judgment during any dispute.

41- Above mentioned rules and regulations are hereby declared to be completely clear and acceptable.

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