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Sports, Sporting Goods & sport equipment Exhibition of Iran Tehran (SPORTEX)

Date: 28 to 31 May 2024

Venue: Tehran int’l permanent fairground

Opening hours: 08:00 to 15:00

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Iran exhibition of Sport and sport equipment (sportex) is the largest industrial and commercial event in Iran in the field of sports equipment, which was held last year in an area of ​​32,000 square meters, with 140 capable domestic and foreign participants and more than 20,000 visitors.

were present sports equipment (SPORTEX) Exhibition Tehran is a very important opportunity for the companies active in this industry to expose their achievements and products to the visitors of the professionals and experts of this industry and taking into account the market demand trend and the growth direction of this Industry, guide their future activities and innovations. This year’s exhibition will definitely be one of the most powerful exhibitions in the field of sports equipment in the Middle East.

Tehran international exhibition of Sport goods (sportex) tries to achieve goals including improving public and championship sports, development of sports facilities, providing latest achievements and technologies in sports and sports equipment, promoting and development of base sports, development of sports in schools, introduction of advancement in sports equipment, creating a competitive environment and finally improving the quality of sports equipment and products.

SPORTEX Iran offers latest products, equipment and industries in sports by biggest and most prestigious companies, producers and manufacturers from country and all over the world, and also provides shows and different entertainment/sports programs for all the enthusiasts visiting this exhibition. Furthermore, institutes and companies offering sports services and also equipment for sports facilities (commercial billboards, floor covering) will have an extensive presence in this event.

Products in Iran exhibition of Sport and sport equipment (sportex)

  • Sports equipment and supplies
  • Tools and equipping centers, halls and clubs
  • Bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting supplies and equipment
  • Accessories and equipment for car racing, bicycle and motorcycle riding
  • All kinds of sports clothes and shoes
  • Mountaineering and rock climbing equipment and tools
  • Ship, medical, inflatable mattresses and sports flooring and surface coverings
  • Food, drug and protein supplements
  • Martial arts and boxing equipment
  • Gymnastics and athletics supplies and equipment
  • Skiing and skating equipment
  • Paintball supplies and equipment
  • Equipment for water, sailing and air sports in Iran exhibition of Sport and sport equipment (sportex)
  • Polo and horse racing equipment
  • Shooting, fencing and darts equipment
  • Baseball, golf, bowling and hockey equipment
  • Sports publications and books
  • Electrical and electronic equipment related to sports
  • Equipment and tools for intellectual sports
  • Supplies and equipment for group sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and handball
  • Pool equipment
  • All kinds of sports nets and balls
  • Sports federations and boards and associations
  • Equipment for water and air sports
  • Baseball, golf, bowling and hockey equipment
  • The booth of organizers of sports tours
  • Equipment and facilities of sports venues, halls, stadiums and stadiums
  • Weighing devices, sports clocks and timers, sports scales and judging equipment
  • Park and outdoor sports equipment

Why should you participate in this event?

Sport equipment exhibition of Iran (sportex) has been active and growing for more than several decades. If you are aware, the Iranian market, due to its large population, is always a very good market for domestic and foreign producers to offer the product.

Iran has many neighbors in terms of geography, which are always in economic relations, and many traders and merchants Due to the high level of quality of Iranian exhibitions compared to the region to visit and conclude contracts and meetings refer to the SPORTEX Exhibition of Iran.

The importance of booth construction in Tehran exhibition of Sport and sport equipment (sportex)

By booth construction at Iran exhibition of Sport and sport equipment (sportex), you can display your products and services in such a way that, in the first step, the visitors will get to know your services and advantages in comparison with the competitors, and in the next step, to get to know More to visit your booth.

Modern and advanced booth construction according to your needs can play a significant role in attracting visitors and showing your capabilities; Therefore, be aware in choosing the company. In this regard, the exhibitionmakers company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours, holding exhibitions and providing advice on sales and successful participation in exhibitions, coordination of B2B meetings, currency transfer, organization of conferences and the seminars will meet your needs.

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  • Tehran int'l permanent fairground

Address : QCR3+96 Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran