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Tile ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment Milan Italy exhibition Milan fair Center

Milan Exhibition of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna and Pool Industries and Equipment will be held from april 16 to 21 , 2024 at the Milan fair center

According to the news site of the Exhibition Makers Company, the international exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment in Milan will be held from april 16 to 21 , 2024 at the Milan fair center

Milan Tile, Ceramic Bathroom and Sauna Industry and Equipment Exhibition is a commercial event that shows the latest changes in the home bathroom and toilet from its former form as an exclusively functional space to its transformation into a space capable of hypothetical functions, as well as investment value. It reflects beauty in both advanced technology and quality and showcases the best in accessories, shower enclosures, sauna facilities, radiators, wall and floor coverings, faucets, bathtubs and jacuzzis.
The group of exhibitors and products in the international exhibition of tile, ceramic, bath and sauna industries and equipment in Milan
Bathroom and toilet accessories
Bathroom and toilet supplies and equipment
Shower room and sauna
Wall and floor covering
Bathroom, toilet and kitchen faucets
Bathtub and jacuzzi tub
Trade associations and organizations
Newspapers, magazines and trade publications
Bathroom products group
Sauna goods group
Group of products related to swimming pool
Kitchen goods group
The purpose of the Milan international tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industry and equipment exhibition:

This exhibition is aimed at increasing the production efficiency of factories and production units, finding export markets, identifying and introducing the problems, obstacles and weaknesses in this industry, creating a healthy competitive environment among domestic producers in order to improve production quality, and establishing direct and face-to-face communication. Between producers and consumers, the exchange of ideas, technology and products between domestic and foreign participants and acquaintance with the products, innovations and existing capacities of this industry will be held.

The quality of the products related to the four groups of kitchen, bathroom, sauna and swimming pool has improved significantly in the last few years and this issue is noticeable in the products that are offered in the market of these goods. Although the arrival of similar goods from China, Taiwan and Turkey reduced the activity of a number of newly established production units, domestic companies continued to emphasize the principle of quality improvement in order to maintain their position in the market and again witnessed an increase in the variety of products in the fields This exhibition is different from previous years.

Why should you participate in the exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment in Milan?

The international exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment in Milan is growing day by day. This exhibition has been at its peak with great products and services and a very suitable quality level and providing services at the world level with international participants in this event. The exhibition is in Italy, which brings together all the people and people present in this field, also with the support and contribution of experts in this sector, the exhibition has been able to increase the number of visitors and participants every year. The high population that it has is always a very good market for domestic and foreign manufacturers to present and display their products. Geographically, Italy has many neighbors who are always doing economic transactions, and many merchants and traders because of the high level of exhibition quality. Italians visit the Milan International Exhibition of Tile, Bathroom Ceramics and Sauna Equipment and Industries for visiting and making agreements and meetings. One of the things that is very important is the direct supervision and cooperation of related industries with the exhibition. Italian industries have been active in Iran for more than several decades and have been able to provide extensive services in this field until today, paying attention to the necessary points and prevention. From the weak points in holding the international exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment, using the experiences of the organizers and participants in the exhibition, I wish you success in the international exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna equipment, and reaching The intended goals will help a lot in this regard.

The importance of exhibiting in the exhibition of tile, ceramic bathroom and sauna industries and equipment in Milan

By designing and building an exhibition booth at the international exhibition of tile, bathroom ceramic and sauna equipment industries in Milan, you can better display your products. Success in this exhibition, in addition to participating in the exhibition, requires having an efficient and professional booth to display the goods, in this regard, the exhibition builders company with 15 years of experience and experienced and expert people in the fields of booth construction, exhibition registration, tours Exhibition and consulting in the field of sales and successful participation in the exhibition, coordination of B2B meetings, currency transfer, holding conferences and seminars always meet your needs beyond your expectations.

Reasons for booth creation and successful attendance at the exhibition:

1 To display the quality of products and achievements of companies in the exhibition booth

2 Having vip and cip places in the booth to welcome guests and visitors and grant representation and contract with them

3 Having a place to prepare reception equipment and depot for promotional gifts and catalogs, etc

4 Using the company’s name and logo in different directions of the booth for purposes such as advertising, etc. in the matter of booth construction

5 to be better seen and remain in the minds of the visitors

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