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International Plastic Exhibition (plastfocus) New Delhi

International Plastic Exhibition (plastfocus) will be held from 1 to 5 Feb 2025 at New Delhi expo centre.

 International Plastic Exhibition (Plastfocus) New Delhi is one of the largest plastic trade exhibitions in India. This exhibition is designed to help exhibitors and visitors to discover and identify potential markets. Plastfocus new Delhi international exhibition deals with various industrial sectors such as the production of printing machines, packaging, molding, etc.

This exhibition is proud of several periods of successful activity in bringing together the domestic and international plastic industry, and after holding the exhibition in 2019 and achieving significant success, the organizers of the exhibition decided to hold this event again. Plastfocus is approved and supported by the Government of India and it is expected that more than 1260 exhibitors and 180,000 trade visitors from 27 countries of the world will attend this big event in a space of 90,000 square meters.

Plastfocus 2024 will be held at India’s best trade show venue – India International Convention and Exhibition Center (IICC), Dwarka, New Delhi. This place is only one hour away from Delhi and is noted for having excellent facilities, exhibition halls with ergonomic arrangement, access to airport, highway, railway and port.

Why to participate in Plastfocus new Delhi?

  • Access to all markets in India and neighboring countries
  • Benchmark, competition and increasing market share
  • Meeting with more than 125,000 business visitors to strengthen and build relationships in a healthy environment
  • Achieving opportunities to discover new channels and create sales solutions
  • Access to a source of agents, distributors and new partners
  • Launching and developing new products and providing a full range of them to the target audience of those products
  • Production of media advertising and public relations, and communication about the brand
  • Direct interaction with senior decision makers
  • Attend special business meetings to meet specific target customers

Why should you visit Plastfocus?

  • Surround yourself with some of the most innovative technology in the world.
  • Witness the launch of a large number of products.
  • Get a variety of experiences at once.
  • Get to know industry trends and market trends.
  • Get information from around the world and stay up to date.
  • Create a collaborative network with your colleagues and industry influencers.
  • Make smart decisions when shopping.
  • Connect with your prospective business partners.
  • View the levels of competition in the market.
  • Attend seminars, conferences and counseling sessions.

Products offered at this international event

  • Raw material
  • Chemicals and accessoriesPlastic packaging machinery and technology
  • Equipment and services
  • Machines and equipment for the recycling process
  • Machining of machines and facilities for processing
  • Post-processing machines
  • Templates and designs
  • Semi-finished products

Objectives of Plastfocus new Delhi

This exhibition is a commercial event that seeks to provide a basis for the prosperity of the Indian plastic industry market and facilitate the global marketing process and the presence of this sector of the Indian industry in the global markets. Plastfocus is one of the largest events in the industry. Plastic is considered in the Middle East region and is classified among the prestigious exhibitions of the world’s plastic industry. In addition, in the shadow of this exhibition, various organizations have been formed for the more effective presence of different parts of the plastic industry, which will become the basis for increasing competition and further prosperity of this industry.

Exhibitors of Plastfocus

Automation and machinery department:

Molding machines, extruders and extrusion lines, injection molding machines, molding and thermoforming machines, rotational molding machines, packaging machines, 3D printing machines, preprocessing printing machines and recycling machines, post processing machines, conversion machines, reactive or reinforced machines, reactive resins or reinforced, rubber processing equipment, parts and components of plastic welding equipment, auxiliary and test equipment

Raw material services:

Additives, nano additives, bioplastic materials, semi-finished products, leather and elastomer, filler and glue, thermoset, pigment, composite products, synthetic fiber

Packaging and finished products:

Semi-finished materials, biodegradable plastics, plastic production and engineering tools, white label products

Types of templates:

Creators and designers of these templates

Printing technology:

ERP software manufacturers, 3D printing, ECOM platforms

Recycling industries:

The presence of industries, machines, experts and consultants

The importance of booth construction in Plastfocus by exhibition meakers?

By designing and building an exhibition booth at Plastfocus new Delhi your products can be better exhibited. Success in this Exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods. In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours in Plastfocus and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, coordinating B2B meetings, currency transfer, organizing the conferences and seminars always accompany you to achieve your commercial goals.

  • A long history in knowing the target market and monitoring the needs of the audience to better understand the field of participation in the exhibition
  • Design and construction of the booth according to the latest global marketing methods
  • Implementation of many exhibition structures
  • Providing advice for success in exhibitions and attracting customers
  • Appropriate tariff compared to other operators in this field and guaranteeing the quality of work
  • Providing an exhibition tour to visit with a translator and leader
  • Reserve VIP and CIP places to receive guests and visitors and grant representation and contract with them and arrange b2b cooperation opportunities and exhibition appointments.
  • High percentage satisfaction of customers and users in various exhibition areas
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