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Iran Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition (Metal Expo)

Date: 22 to 24 Oct 2024

Venue: Kish International Exhibition Center

Opening Hours: 17:00 to 22:00

The Annual Exhibition, which is organized by the Iron and Steel Association of Iran in cooperation with domestic steel factories, will be held this year in Kish Island. Iran International Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition (Metal Expo) brings together a large number of key players in the steel and metal industry for at least 3 days, from the top executive of the public sector to the largest steel producing units (public, semi-private and private), related companies, upstream and downstream industries and experts.

The International Steel and Metallurgy symposium Iran Kish (Metal Expo) take place in order to discuss the latest research, examine the obstacles and challenges, the type of business opportunities and finally the solutions to achieve the goals. An exhibition which is held together to present research and recent industrial products in various fields of hardware and software used in steel and related mining and iron industries. The previous exhibition in Kish Island for 3 days in an area of 19,000 square meters with the presence of 270 domestic companies and 25 foreign companies from Germany, Italy, France, Russia, England, Turkey, India, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and China Was held. We invite all managers of related mining and steel industries to attend International Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition Iran Kish (Metal Expo) to expose their latest products.

why should you participate in The International Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition Iran Kish (Metal Expo)?

Iran is one of the most important countries in the region for several reasons, which includes:

Resources, labor force, one of the countries with the largest number of neighbors in the world, the connecting road between Asia and Europe, petrochemical, oil and gas industries, commercial ports, land communication with the countries of Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Turkmenistan and sea communication with countries such as: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Therefore, many visitors from these countries visit this exhibition to profit from the extraordinary opportunities in the commercial fields.

as you know Kish Island has a very specified and strategical position in Middle east area and because of that the exhibitors and visitors number is much more than same held exhibitions in Iran, specially in Tehran as one of the effective metropoles in Iran; so if you are interested in extend and development of your working fields, don’t lose this opportunity and join the exhibitors population of Iran Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition (Metal Expo). further, stand cost in this exhibition (150$) is more worthwhile versus stand cost in iron expo of Tehran with 400$ price.

Exhibitors and participants in Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition Iran Kish (Metal Expo)

  • Steel manufacturers
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Knowledge-based companies and technical and engineering services in the steel industry
  • Transport companies
  • Production and scientific associations and syndicates
  • Companies providing machinery, equipment and consumables

Iran Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition (Metal Expo) Products

Iron and steel industry and products include:

  • minerals
  • Raw material
  • Iron, steel and ferroalloy
  • Steel making technology
  • Construction technology
  • Iron and steel factories
  • equipment and machinery
  • Steel products

Casting, molding, forging and machines including:

  • Molding and mold
  • Electroplating
  • Hot forging and cold forging
  • welding and cutting
  • Industrial furnaces, refractory bricks and materials, furnace refractory layers, measuring systems and furnace control cameras
  • Industrial raw materials
  • Industrial ceramics
  • Insulating material and fiber
  • Fireproof equipment and parts
  • Waste recycling

The non-ferrous metals industry includes:

  • Non-ferrous metals, steels and alloys (aluminum, copper, zinc and lead)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc.)
  • Exploration, exploitation and refining
  • Processing and production
  • Devices and equipment
  • Non-ferrous products
  • Maintenance and repair

Minerals and mining industry include:

  • Foundry coal and coke
  • Metallic and non-metallic minerals
  • Consulting and geotechnics
  • Exploration and excavation
  • Mining equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Contracting services

Other items include:

Transportation and logistics, materials for the production of stainless steel, machines and equipment for cutting and processing steel, steel testing and measuring tools, steel sheets, steel structures, steel towing wire, mesh, fasteners, etc.

The importance of booth construction in Iran steel exhibition (Metal Expo)

By designing and building an exhibition booth at Iran Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition (Metal Expo), your products can be better exhibited. Success in this Exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods. In this regard, exhibitionmakers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth construction, exhibition registration, exhibition tours in The International Steel Exhibition Iran Kish (Metal Expo) and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, coordinating B2B meetings, currency transfer, organizing the conferences and seminars always accompany you to achieve your commercial goals.

Participants details in the international steel exhibition Iran Kish

WISDRI Engineering & Research

Incorporation Limited

Zhejiang Xiangding Industrial &Trade Co.,LTD

Zhejiang Yuantong Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd

Refratechnik Steel GmbH

Kaby Alloys Co.


Kashan Amirkabir Steel Co.

Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Co.

Yazd Foulad Manufacturing

 & Industrial Group (P.R.J.S.Co.)

Iran Refractory Products Company

Pooyesh Niroo

GolGohar Investment & Development Co.

Golgohar Iron & Steel Development Co.

Natanz Steel & Steel Melting

Iran Inoxihp Co.

Paya Part Kavian

Taam Part Iranian


Iran Central Iron Ore Co.

Tabriz Refractories Co

Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co.

badische stahl engineering gmbh

Golgohar Mining And Indastral Company

Mines And Metals Engineering (MME)

Ascotec Holding Gmbh


Parsland Mines & Industries Development Company

Metil Steel Co

Mircoh Eng. Office

Aliyazh Sanat Armaghan

Raysun oil co


Steel $ Cast Iron Magazine

Otad Sanat

Khouzestan Refractory Co.

Mmte group, mines & metals

 technological engineering


Kaveh Pars Mining Industries Development

Semirom Refractory  Mine Co.

Chilan Magazine- Steel Iran Website

Chilan Magazine- Steel Iran Website

Birjand refractory mining co

Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Company

Keshvar activities and commercial

 services (ltd) company

Pars Refractories Co.


Maintenance In Mine Cement Industry

Puyang Refractories Company (PRCO)

South Kaveh Steel Co.

Rueen Sath Tabarestan


Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company

Iron & Steel Society of Iran

Foolad Technic International

Engineering Co.

International Systems

Engineering & Automation Company(IRISA)

Tuka Foolad Investment

Abangan Tejarat Espadana

Behsazan ghaltak foolad Isfahan

Tuka refractory

foolad sang mobarake isfahan

mining & industrial company

Kerman Steel Industries Company

Chaharmahal& Bakhtiari Automotive Sheet Co

Taraz Co.

Khorasan Steel Complex

Khouzestan Steel Co.

TUF Group

Hormozgan Steel Company

Fuka Kala

Erteash Gostar Peyman

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  • Kish International Exhibition Center

Address : GXM9+P36, Kish, Hormozgan Province