Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF

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Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF

Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF

Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition between 11 to 14 Oct 2018.

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Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF

Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF

Istanbul International Exhibition of ISAF will be hold in Istanbul international exhibition between 11 to 14 Oct 2018.

ISAF is Eurasia’s leading event in the fields of Security, Fire Protection, Occupational Safety, Smart Buildings and IT Security. ISAF will come back presenting its brand new congress” ISAF Summit”. The congresses where the critical problems related to the “Future of Dynamic Security and Security” will be discussed and the solution proposals will be negotiated . the congress is organized simultaneously with ISAF Fairs.

Sectorial developments and innovations will be shared in addition to workshops, product demonstrations and panels and every step of critically needed of “safety and security” will be evaluated by all industry leaders and professionals to guide the future. This summit brings the giants of security, safety, fire protection and smart building industries together.

The exhibition will take place in an exhibition area of 9000 square meter counting on the presence of more than 238 Turkish companies and 123 international companies which attracts more than 17400 local and international visitors.

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ISAF is held as 5 related exhibitions with the following exhibit profile:

ISAF Security:
CCTV and Surveillance Systems, Burglar Alarms, Alarm Centers, Control Centers, Access Control Systems &  Equipment, Security Services, Patrol Equipment, Security Education, Academies, Schools, Perimeter Security Systems, Vehicle Security, Security Vehicles, Store & Goods Security Systems, Other Security Equipment, Materials, Telecommunication Systems, Rfid Hardware-Software

ISAF IT Security:

IT Security, Encryption Technologies, Risk Management Security, Measurement, Testing & Control, Information Security Management, Data Security, Network Security, ID Systems & Supplies, Wireless Applications, Sensitive Material & Record Protection, Telecommunications Security, Security Hardware & Technologies, Internet Security, Anti-Virus Protection, Anti-SPAM Protection, Content monitoring, Hardware and Data Security, Back-up/Recovery systems, Software Protection, Data Access Protection, User Right Management

ISAF Smart Home:

Smart Home Systems, Building Automation System, Security Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Water and Water Facilities Management, Energy Management Systems, Pool Automation, Network and Communication Systems, Generic Cabling System

ISAF Safety&Health:

Safety at Work, Personal Protective Equipment, Work Clothes and Uniforms, Equipment for Working at Height, Software, Occupational Safety Services, Traffic Safety, Health at Work, Occupational Health Services, Work and Workplace Health, Hygiene and Sanitary Supplies, Firstaid and Emergency, Occupational Health Management, Security at Work, Protection Against Dangerous Factors, Electrical Safety, Air Pollution Control, Noise Pollution and Vibration Control, Environmental Protection and Control, Warning, Direction and Exit, Loading, Transportation and Vehicle Safety, Insurance Companies, Public Institutions, Relevant Associations and Chambers, Relevant Publications, Universities and Education Centers, Occupational Safety and Health Specialists, Test and Analysis Laboratory, Computers and Software, Telecommunication Systems, Control Systems and Rooms, Hospitals & Health Institutions

ISAF Fire&Rescue:

Fire Prevention Materials, Alarms & Detection Systems, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Escape & Emergency Systems, Smoke Extraction & Ventilation, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Fire & Heat Proof Clothes, Equipment, Search&Rescue Equipment, First Aid & Medical Equipment, Software, Training, Consultancy and Quality Management Companies, Risk Analysis and Risk Engineering Companies, Insurance Companies, Relevant Institutions, Associations, Chamber and Unions

Why Istanbul ISAF 2018:

  • ISAF is the special meeting of the industry where every exhibitor has a sense of belonging.
  • ISAF is designed with the information, requests and feedback received from the exhibitors.
  • All the exhibitors from small to big are able to contribute to the exhibition with their ideas and suggestions.
  • Visitor work is shaped and enriched pursuant to the requests and expectations of the exhibitors.
  • It is planned to ensure that trade connections are established for the exhibitor not just during the exhibition but also after it.
  • Current status of all the technologies worldwide is always considered while project design is made for ISAF.
  • All other industry-specific activities worldwide are also followed and comparison is made.
  • ISAF has maintained its same efficiency even during financially negative and hard periods.

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