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Oil and gas industry equipment and technologies ( NEFTEGAZ ) Exhibition Moscow Russia Expocentre

.The Oil and gas industry equipment and technologies Exhibition Moscow will be hold in Moscow international exhibition between 15 to 18 Apr 2024

The Oil and gas industry equipment and technologies Exhibition Moscow is Russia’s largest trade show for the oil and gas industry. It ranks in the top ten of the world’s petroleum shows. Over the years the trade show has proven itself as a large-scale international event demonstrating state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies for the oil and gas sector.

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Gas Society, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia.


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The National Oil & Gas Forum is a key event organised by the Russian Ministry of Energy, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia, and Russian Gas Society.

The exhibition and forum bring together the whole industry to show all new products and trends. It is a meeting point for manufacturers and consumers to network, find the latest information, and attend the most important associated events.

Main Product Sectors The NEFTEGAZ Exhibition Moscow

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Oil and gas field development
  • Equipment and technology for offshore field development
  • Collection, storage and logistics of hydrocarbons
  • LNG: production, transportation, distribution and use, investment
  • Specialized vehicles for petroleum products transportation
  • Oil and gas processing, petrochemistry, gas chemistry
  • Delivery and distribution of oil, gas and petroleum products
  • Equipment and technology for filling stations
  • Service, maintenance equipment and technology
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) NEW
  • ACS, test equipment
  • IT for the oil and gas industry
  • Electrical equipment
  • Health safety at facilities
  • Environmental conservation services

Full Thematic Sectors The NEFTEGAZ Exhibition Moscow

  • Geological and geophysical research. Oil and gas exploration, integrated assessment of oil-and-gas bearing areas and local objects, estimation of reserves.
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction. Horizontal wells drilling. Equipment and technologies.
  • Oil and gas field development. Methods of bed stimulation for enhanced oil recovery. Equipment and technologies.
  • Oil and gas gathering and treatment.
  • Oil, gas and oil products transportation and storage. Technique and technology of pipeline construction and maintenance. Tanks and tank farms.
  • Vehicles for the transportation of oil, petroleum products and liquefied gas.
  • Pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics, driving gears, oil and gas complex engines.
  • Locking and regulating fittings.
  • Pipes.
  • Oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry. Equipment and technologies.
  • LNG: production, transportation, distribution and use, investment.
  • Construction of facilities for oil and gas industry including offshore units. Construction machinery.
  • Power and electrotechnical equipment for oil and gas industry. Cables. Welding equipment.
  • Chemical reagents, additives and materials for the oil and gas producing and oil refining industries, for oil and oil products transport.
  • Automated control systems and telemechanization of drilling, production, gathering, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Instrumentation. Means of measurement assurance.
  • Corrosion prevention. Equipment and pipelines corrosion prevention. Corrosion inhibitors. Units and insulating materials.
  • Ecology: scientific research, technologies, equipment, instrumentation. Modern systems of environmental monitoring. Processing waste utilizing and treatment.
  • Labour protection, safety systems and fire safety equipment.
  • Labware and analytical instrumentation, furniture. Mobile laboratories.
  • Mobile production buildings and cabins.
  • Oil, gas, and oil products delivery and sale. Filling stations.
  • Economic research and analysis of oil and gas industry development. Industry management in new economic conditions, issues of legal and financial regulation.
  • Scientific research and designing. Project appraisal.
  • Innovations made in Russia
  • Dataware and software.
  • Scientific and technical literature.
  • IT for the oil and gas industry.


The importance of booth construction in The NEFTEGAZ  Exhibition Moscow

By designing and building an exhibition booth at The Oil and gas industry equipment and technologies Exhibition Moscow, your products can be better exhibited

Success in The Oil and gas industry equipment and technologies Exhibition Moscow, in addition to participating in the exhibition, requires a professional booth to display the goods

In this regard, exhibition makers company with 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of booth constructionexhibition registrationexhibition tours and consulting in the field of sales and successful presence in the exhibition, B2B coordination meetings, currency transfer, the need to hold conferences and seminars It is always more responsive than you expect

Location of booth and successful presence in the exhibition:

To display the quality products and achievements of the company in the booth exhibition

presence of vip and cip places in the booth to receive guests and clients and grant representation and contract with them

Having a place to prepare catering supplies and promotional gifts and catalogs, etc

Using the name and logo of the company in different directions of the booth for purposes such as advertising, etc. in the matter of booth construction

To be better seen and to stay in the minds of the client.

Statistics and figures related to Russian oil and gas

The Russian oil and gas industry is a cornerstone of the country’s economy, and it relies on a wide range of advanced equipment and technologies to explore, extract, process, and transport these valuable resources. Here are some key aspects of the equipment and technologies used in the Russian oil and gas industry:

Extraction and Production: Enhanced oil recovery techniques, such as water flooding and gas injection, are used to maximize oil and gas production. Specialized equipment like submersible pumps, wellhead control systems, and artificial lift technologies help optimize well performance.

Downstream Processing: Refining crude oil and natural gas involves complex processes that require sophisticated refining equipment and technologies. Russia has a significant refining capacity, with modern facilities using catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and other advanced refining methods to produce high-quality fuels and petrochemicals.

Pipelines and Transportation: Pipelines are crucial for transporting oil and gas across vast distances in Russia. The industry employs advanced pipeline technologies, including pipeline integrity monitoring systems, pigging devices for maintenance, and corrosion-resistant coatings to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

LNG Production: Russia is a major player in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market. Advanced liquefaction technologies and equipment are used in LNG production plants to convert natural gas into a liquid state for easier transportation and storage.

Offshore Developments: In the Arctic and other offshore regions, Russia utilizes specialized offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and ice-resistant technologies to explore and extract oil and gas resources in challenging environments.

Environmental and Safety Technologies: The industry places a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection. Advanced technologies such as remote sensing, leak detection systems, and environmental monitoring tools help mitigate risks and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Digitalization and Automation: Like many modern industries, the oil and gas sector in Russia is embracing digitalization and automation. Technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics, and artificial intelligence are being used to optimize operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

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