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Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran

Date: between 9 to 13 May 2024

Venue: Shahr-e Aftab international exhibition center

Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00

Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran will be held consisting of domestic and foreign participants from 19 countries of the world including Turkey, China, Russia, Iraq, Oman, Azerbaijan, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Dubai and some European countries, African and Asian are present to present their latest achievements in the field of machinery and plastic product. there is a good opportunity for buyers to discover their needs among the large chain of suppliers who are present at the exhibition, exchange information and enter into a contract in order to advance their goals.

Iran produces nearly 50 million tons of raw materials and plastic products annually, of which 20-30% is domestic consumption and the rest is exported, and it is estimated that more than 250-400 thousand people are engaged in the upstream and downstream industries of this industry. Considering Iran’s potential capabilities, including access to the coastline from the north and south, railway lines, cheap labor, very low energy costs due to having energy resources such as oil, gas, and gasoline, and government support for producers and exporters, it is known as the best option for investment and business.

According to statistics, it is expected that around 28 thousand people will visit Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran and its booths; Therefore, a community of all members of unions and industrial organizations will be formed with the presence of ministers, manufacturers and suppliers in the international exhibition of machinery and plastic products in Tehran.

10th Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran will be held in Tehran under direct support of  Machinery &  Polymer Equipment Association, Chambre of Commerce and Plastic Industries Association by presence of more than 180 Iranian and foreign exhibitors from Turkey, China, Russia, Iraq, Oman, Azerbaijan, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Dubai and some European, African and Asian countries.

Why should you exhibit in The Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran?

The importance of registration in Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran can be summarized in several cases, which we will examine each of them in the following.

Iran has the first place in the world in oil and gas reserves, so in the past few years, has been able to operate more than 68 massive petrochemical complexes including Maroon Petrochemical, Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company, Fajr Petrochemical Company, Jam Petrochemical Company, etc. this volume of raw materials has made Iran a special place in the field of plastic products in the Middle East and has gained major buyers from many countries for its products.

The Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran, in the area of more than 25000 square meters and 180 Iranian and foreign exhibitors which will be held with the support of Trade Promotion Organization, Chambre of Commerce, Plastic Industries Association, Plastic Homogeneous Industries Association, Machinery Manufacturer and Polymer Equipment Association and Tehran Municipality. Economic Consultations of Iran had discussed with other countries to invite the heads of unions and associations to Plastic Exhibition and be our guests to visit Iran plastic exhibition’s achievements.

The exhibition is dedicated to two main sections:

  • One plastic industry sector which includes machinery, molds, production lines and packaging etc.
  • Second section plastic products, masterbatches and compounds.

Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran is the best opportunity to enter the market of machinery and technologies of rubber and plastics in Iran, because the manufacturers of rubber and plastic products of Iran are trying to greatly increase their production and exports due to the government’s support for exports and the tax breaks that are intended for exporters, and this will be the starting point of a booming business.

Iran’s economy’s rate was 3% according to the UN in 2023 and is expected to increase slightly in 2024, more than the United States and some European countries. It should be noted that Iran ranks second in the Middle East among 14 countries in the region and has an acceptable rank in the world compared to other countries, and it stands above 100 countries in the world.

why should you visit Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran?

This International trade fair for Plastic is the largest exhibition event in the field of plastic products, machines, masterbatch and compounds in the Middle East and the top producers of plastic products in Iran along with additives have participated. An important point is the presence of the machinery manufacturers of Iran’s plastic industry and some leading countries. This exhibition is held in Tehran international exhibition centre with the direct support of associations, organizations and those involved in the field of plastics, and its main goal is to promote and develop exports and discover the needs of the target market. Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran was formed for the reason that the exhibitors, in addition to meeting the needs of domestic markets, also enter regional markets through international visitors.

By visiting plastic industry exhibition, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest achievements of Iran in the field of plastic. This exhibition will provide you with a good opportunity to get to know the exporters and importers of plastic directly and register your desired contracts at the exhibition. in order to gaining useful and up-to-date information’s about similar exhibitions in this field, check out exhibition calendar of Tehran.

The reason for Iran’s high volume in exporting plastic products

Due to the rising progress and quick increase in plastic production volume and the growth of the plastics industry in the world, Iran as an important part of the Middle East region, which is in the first place of access to oil and gas reserves, should gain its share in the global market. Some factors inside the country aim to make Iran among other countries have a much higher potential in exporting plastic products, which include:

  • Access to rich oil and gas reserves and having adequate raw materials
  • Benefit from young and cheap labor
  • Government cooperation in improving the export process by tax breaks and providing special facilities to active units in this sector
  • Security and stability of Iran’s market compared to other Middle Eastern countries

The Role of Importing Industrial Machinery in Improving the Country’s Economic Cycle

Reports indicate that exports of plastic materials in 2023 were estimated at 35 billion USD, which has 19% growth compared to the same period during the past two years. Plastic products exports are among the five most important industries in Iran, and more than 400,000 people are employed in this industry, which is why the presence of plastics industry machinery manufacturers in Iran is effective. Plastics industry activists and manufacturers in Iran are willing to invest and import machinery and technology from all over the world to Iran. It should be noted that the supportive role of the Iranian government and the policies adopted in improving exports in the field of plastics have led to the import of machinery as easily as possible.

Product categories of The Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran

The importance of booth construction in Plastic Products Exhibition of Tehran Iran

By construction a booth in the Plastic Process Machinery, Plastic Products, Masterbatch & Compounds Exhibition of Tehran Iran, you can display your products and services in such a way that at first the visitors are completely satisfied with your services and competitive advantages compared to your competitors at first glance. get to know each other and visit your booth in the next step to learn more. Modern and advanced booth construction according to your needs will answer all your requests in attracting visitors and showing your capabilities; Therefore, be careful in choosing your booth maker company!

Supporters, sponsors and founders of the exhibition

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